Things I have Learnt - Pregnancy Number Two.

Before I fell pregnant with little Miss Emily I had no idea that a second pregnancy would be so different from my first. It's kind of shocked me to be honest and I'm already at the 'Never Again' stage. Don't get me wrong. Pregnancy is great and has it's good and bad points but it is just so different this time. Here's some things I've learnt this time around. 

  • Don't expect your symptoms to be the same as the first time. I fully expected my morning sickness to be gone by week sixteen, just like with James  but nope. Twenty-one weeks tomorrow and it's still here. 

  • Running after a little one whilst growing one, is hard work! I didn't realise how wiped out I would be. I haven't slept this much in my whole life... and I'm still tired. 

  • It's okay to play quiet games with your child. The first 12 weeks where I could barely make it off the sofa, I pretty much laid there whilst James invented games around me. As long as he saw that I was taking an interest I don't think he cared! 

  • Try and get outside when you feel good. I had a period of about two weeks in January where I was so bad that I didn't leave the house at all. After I felt a little better I was nervous to go anywhere. I had gotten use to my being in my comfort zone at home but you know what? I felt great after I'd gotten some fresh air and some exercise. 

  • It's okay to ask for help. This has been a big one for me. I was so use to doing all the household chores myself and my own way. Lately though, I've had to ask for help. 

  • My biggest issue with asking for help was that Anthony done things completely differently to how I did. I had to realise that he didn't do them incorrectly, just different. I guess this whole thing has been good for my Type A personality! 

  • Do whatever helps your nausea.. One morning Anthony walked into the kitchen to find my sniffing a lemon.. Yep. I had heard that it helped morning sickness and by this point I was willing to try anything.. By the way.. It worked :) 

  • I had so many people tell me not to tell James about the baby until I was further on in my pregnancy. I didn't listen though and he found out the same day we did that he was going to have a sibling. I'm so glad that we told him. He has already started bonding with his Sister. Several times a day he asks to see my tummy and we sit there watching my belly move from baby kicks. He tells me what he wants to help me with when she is born and that he is going to help look after her. It's so cute watching him bond with her already. 

  • RELAX!! With my history of pregnancies I will admit that I've spent most of the time worrying. The last few weeks though I've learned to let go. Off course I still worry. I've got a lot of history and reasons to worry but I have a good doctor looking out for us. This will more than likely be my last pregnancy and everyone keeps telling me to enjoy it so that's what I'm trying to do, starting with my Ultrasound tomorrow! (probably our final one!) 

If anyone has any tips for a second pregnancy, I'd love to hear them! I've still got 19 weeks to go so I could probably use them! 

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