Slowing Down.

For the past two mornings James has slept in till 8am. This is big news in our house. When James was born we got a child that loves to eat fresh fruit, that laughs at the silliest of things and one that loves to give cuddles.. What we did not get was a child that likes to sleep. I spent the first year of his life in a sleep deprived haze where our days started at 4am. Since then he's kindly changed the wake up time to anywhere between 5.30-7am so you can imagine my thrill at being able to say that in two days I've slept later than I have for the past four years.

After I had James settled with his breakfast and I had a cup of Caffeine in my hand I sat reading some blogs that I follow. As I was reading Kelle Hampton's latest post I was particular caught by three sentences that she had written.. One of them being....

I think this is going to be my new mantra. 

I'm the first person to admit, and I have done here before, that I have a Type A personality. I am uptight and a bit of a control freak. I like things to be done in a timely manner and heaven forbid if I am late for an appointment. The past few months though, as much as I have tried to keep up with the perfection that I want in my life.. I haven't been able to. Pregnancy has forced me to slow down, to ask for help, to let others do things that normally I would have insisted that I do myself. 

It hasn't been the easiest thing for me. Yesterday I wanted to do some work in the garden. Nothing major, just tidying it up after it hasn't been used for the whole winter. There was one problem though, my back and left hip seem to think that I am 35 weeks pregnant and not 20 weeks. Either that or they believe that I am 90 years old.. Either way, Anthony made the very good point that if I went out into the garden and started working away I would end up in agony again and most likely spend the night in bed, crying, whilst trying to find a comfortable position. Even though I knew that he was right, I informed him whilst pouting that I wasn't going to spend the next 4 months sat on the sofa with my feet up. I might be pregnant but I am still a wife. I still have a four year old that needs my attention.

Mother Nature must have an awesome sense of humor though because about 3 hours after I made that statement to Anthony that out of nowhere I developed a sore throat... Cut to this morning and I think I have the beginnings of a cold, which is great considering the only medication I can really take for it is Paracetamol. 

I guess whether I like it or not, I'm being forced to slow down. To let go. Who knows maybe it will be a good thing? 

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