School Time.

Back in September last year James had only been at Nursery for about three days when we had to make our applications for a Primary School place for this September coming. We had to list three schools in preference order and then we were told to wait and the places would be announced on the 16th April, via the local councils website.  At the time I thought it sounded like such a long time to wait! Like most things though the date was here before I knew it and last night I just happened to wake up at 11.50pm.. I wasn't sure if the website would have the details on it at midnight or if I would have to wait until business hours today.. Seen as I was awake I figured I'd have a look..

It's not great news but it's not bad news either. James got a place at the school that was second on our list. The school we listed as first is where he currently goes to Nursery at and I was hoping beyond hope that he would be offered a place there but I guess it wasn't meant to be.

To begin with I was so disappointed. I won't lie. I was sad for James. He loves his Nursery and I know the School is fantastic too. I sat up until 1.30am though on the website of the school where he was accepted. I read their prospectus and their Ofstead Report and by the end of it I was happier. It's closer to home which will be handy when I have a newborn to deal with as well as getting James to school on time. It got a good Ofstead report and is one of the best schools in the town. My little sister went there over ten years ago!

So now we are waiting for a letter inviting us to a parents meeting where we will meet the teachers and get some more information regarding start dates and things like uniforms etc.. Then James will have an Open Day there and get to see where he is going to spend the next 7 years of his school life. It kind of seems all a bit surreal.. I mean wasn't he just a newborn? Didn't he just learn to walk? Now I'm accepting a school place for him.. I know September is going to be here before I know it and with it comes a whole new chapter in James' life and also a new parenting challenge for me. Letting my first born out into that big wide world.

This is going to be an interesting year folks.

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