Learning To Listen.

"Mummy, when you're not pregnant anymore does that mean that you won't lie down so much..."

This what my four year old asked me on Tuesday afternoon.. As dramatic as this sounds that sentence broke my heart. It's no secret that this pregnancy has been kicking my behind and has knocked me for six. I'm still dealing with on/off morning sickness and although the tiredness is better than it was, any woman that has been pregnant knows that sometimes you just need to sit down and take the weight off your tired, swollen ankles.

When James asked me that question though I realised that no matter how bad I feel or how much I just want to sit down in a dark quiet room sometimes, he needs me and my attention.. Probably more now than ever. This is a big year for him. He is going to become a big brother, gain a sibling and start School, all in the space of a month.

So yesterday was deemed a Mummy and James day. I left the laptop alone. I didn't blog, I posted one photo on Instagram all day. I left the cleaning, the washing and the beds unmade.. And a certain little boy got the day off Nursery.

So where do you go when your little one needs some one on one time but the weather doesn't accommodate a park trip. The Cupcake Cafe off course!

We love this particular Cupcake Cafe.. Not only do they cater for his Gluten allergy, but they make him his custom made cupcakes to order. This time it was the Cookie Monster that won. He wanted a Strawberry & Banana Smoothie and to sit at the table in the far corner so he could see over the whole Cafe but also out of the window. We sat down and talked. He asked a million questions, none of them relevant to our day to day life and I don't even think he cared about my answers but he reveled in the fact that he had my undivided attention and I realised that sometimes all he wants is for me to sit and listen.

It's so easy to get caught up in the daily grind of life. Getting to nursery on time. Getting dinner on the table by 5pm and the clothes washed and dried on the same day. Keeping the floors cleaned and making sure that the bathroom is respectable for unexpected guests, that sometime I forget to just sit a listen to him.

We've got just over three months until Emily arrives and I want to make the most of that time that I have left with just my one child. I want him to know how much I love him and that I do love spending time with him and that no matter how tired I am that I will always be there to read to him or play with him or to just talk to him.

As we walked to Nursery this morning, he said..

"Mummy, I like you and I love you.."

It doesn't get better than that :)


  1. Enjoy the time with the little man now :)
    I'm sure he's soaking it up.


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