I woke up this morning feeling good. I was motivated and hadn't even finished my first cup of tea before I was cleaning and sorting laundry. I like days when I feel well. They are few and far between at the moment so they are so welcome when they decide to make an appearance.

Anthony cooked us a fried breakfast. I think Emily must love her Daddy's cooking because whenever I eat anything that he has cooked, she kicks me like mad!

I think I done too much too quickly though because by half past ten I was wiped out! It literally hurt to keep my eyes open. I had promised James that I would take him out on his scooter and I didn't want to let him down. So many times over the past few months he has asked me to do something with him and I've had to tell him no because I felt too unwell. This time I wasn't going to let something as simple as tiredness stop me.

And when you are rewarded with this face... Well, need I say anymore?

And this photo below.. I love it.. It's not perfect, the settings on my camera could have been adjusted better but it captures James. Looking at this photo, I can hear him laughing... And in my opinion.. That's a perfect photo.

Have a great weekend!

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