Fab Friday.

I completely forgot it was Friday and time for Fab Friday until I was checking through my blog reading list and came across Laura's post! I guess this week has flown by! 

1 - I've spent a lot of time at home this week, cleaning & organising. 
I've been having pain in my right side which I'm not sure if it's kidney or muscular related but it's forced me to slow down which I guess is a good thing even if the pain is a killer! 

2 - Emily has been kicking up a storm this week. 
I'm starting to notice patterns which makes me happy.

3 - We have NOTHING planned for this weekend. 
Yes I am excited to be lazy..

4 - After spending time talking to James and giving him more one on one attention his behavior this week has improved dramatically! 
I will admit that I was worried for a second there thinking I was going to have one of those deranged teenagers that you see on reality television shows! :) I kid... Kind off... 

What's been fab this week for you? 
Head over to Laura's blog and link up! 


  1. Hi Liane! Just stopping in from Laura's link up! Sounds like you've had a nice week, and congrats on your new baby girl :) New follower!

    1. Hi, Thanks for stopping by! I always love to hear from my new followers :)
      It has been a nice week but also very busy so I'm looking forward to not doing much this weekend! Well, I say that but I know that by lunch time today I'll be bored!

      Hope you have a great weekend
      Liane x


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