Fab Friday.

Each weeks seems to go by quicker than the last. I cannot believe that it is Friday again. Not that I am complaining because Friday means two things.. Firstly that tomorrow is the weekend and secondly that it's time for Fab Friday! Want to join in? Head over to Laura's Blog and link up. 

My Fab Things This Week! 

1 - I brought a big box of baby clothes from a friend, which yesterday I started washing and organizing  Washing baby clothes makes me happy. 

2 - When someone asks me how far along I am during my pregnancy I always tell them I'm {insert number here} weeks.. Yesterday I couldn't figure out if I was in my fourth or fifth month so I went to trusty Google and apparently I'm in my sixth month! How did that happen?! 

3 - We received James' School Place for September. We didn't get our first choice but we did get our second one so I cannot complain. I took James for a walk so he could see where it was and he was so excited! 

4 - James and I had a date on Wednesday.. See post here.. 

5 - I *think* we're going to see family at the weekend. Most of them I see quite regular but my Auntie & Uncle will be there that we only see a few times a year :)

6 - James' Nursery is starting a Mummy and Child cooking class on this coming Wednesday. 
We've signed up and James is so excited! Apparently this first week the kids will be making fruit salad! Yummy :)

I hope you all have a good weekend! 


  1. Itty bitty baby clothes are the best. So tiny...you can't believe there is little body to fit them.

    1. I know! They grow so quickly though! x

  2. I love getting baby clothes ready :) And it's amazing how fast the second and third trimester go by. That Mummy and Child cooking class sounds like fun - can't wait to read about it :) Happy Friday to you!

    1. Weeks 14-20 really dragged for me but it seems to be going faster now. I can't quite get my head around the fact that in just 14 weeks I'll be full term! x


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