Fab Friday.

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What's been Fab this week?

1 - Last week I wrote that James had slept till 8am one morning. 
This week he slept till 8am two mornings.. IN A ROW! 

2 - Easter was great. It was low key and we spent the day at home, 
just us three but it was perfect. 
Plus a certain little man was very happy with his treats. 

3 - I needed a new show to watch on Netflix. I had gotten so fed up of re-watching Charmed and Scrubs (great shows but I've watched every episode a hundred times!) Anyway, a friend recommended The Vampire Diaries.. 4 episodes in and I am officially hooked. 

4 - Even though James is missing Nursery, it is so nice having him home for the holidays. 
Today we have a park date. 

5 - Whenever he is concentrating, he sticks his tongue out.
Whether he is drawing, reading, playing.. 
Yesterday I managed to capture it.. 

and lastly.. 

Here is my #ThankfulSweetness list for this week

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It's Friday! Yay! Here's to a happy weekend. 

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