Emily - Week Twenty-Two

Today is - Monday, April 15th, 2013

How far along - 22 weeks 

Total weight gain - 14lbs ish

Baby is - A girl! 

Baby is the size of - A Papaya... I have no idea what one of those is.

Whats going on with baby - Emily is developing her senses that she needs for life outside! Tastes buds have formed on her tongue and also her nerve endings have developed enough that she now has a sense of touch so chances are she's touching her face or sucking her thumb and testing those senses out. 

What going on with Mummy - I had a hospital appointment with my consultant this morning. Signs of potential pre-term labor have been happening so I've been prescribed some medication to hopefully stop anything happening too early. {A separate post on that to come tomorrow}

Maternity clothing - Yep.. Same as last week! I cleaned my clothes out the other day and packed away what doesn't fit anymore.. It was pretty much most of my wardrobe. 

Sleep - I'm not as tired during the day but I could sleep for England at night. I tend to wake up around 1am though and then it takes me around 2 hours to get back to sleep. 

Movement - Lots! Normally she will be kicking loads and as soon as Anthony tries to feel them, she stops.. Last night though he felt loads of kicks which was pretty awesome.

Food Cravings/Aversions - I've been so hungry the past few days I could literally eat everything in sight. I'm craving anything sweet at the moment. 

Symptoms - 

My morning sickness has been okay this week but then this afternoon on the way back from the car I felt really car sick.. I'm lying in bed now trying to will it to go away! 

Contractions - Hence why the doctor is concerned about pre-term labor. Not yet please Emily baby. 

Acne - I'm about ready to walk around with a bag over my head. 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - I didn't have any signs of pre-term labor with James. 

Best moments this week - Spending today with my Sisters and my niece. After my hospital appointment we went for lunch and then shopping. It's been ages since all three of us were together so that was nice. 


  1. I completely understand how you feel about the acne. I had it for most of this second pregnancy, it went away a bit at the beginning of the third trimester, but now it's back again. I've heard that facials can really help... but I didn't try it lol.

    1. About two weeks ago I tried a face mask.. It made my skin really soft but didn't help the acne although Anthony did get a good laugh watching me walk around with a load of gunk on my face! x


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