Emily - Twenty One Weeks

Today is - Monday, April 8th, 2013

How far along - 21 weeks

Baby is the size of  - A Carrot 

Baby is - A girl!! 

Total Weight Gain - 14lbs.

What's going on with Baby - Emily now has Eyelashes and Eyebrows. She is also covered in Vernix Caseosa, which will protect her skin whilst she is in the amniotic fluid. Although her eyes are still closed she can tell the difference between light and dark. 

What's going on with Mummy - Apparently this is the time where some Mum's get down about their weight gain. I can kind of see why. I needed to put on weight so in a way it's a good thing but I am struggling with not having much to wear and also the fact that people are commenting on how much weight I've gained. People that I haven't seen for a while walk in and look shocked.. Then say. "Wow! You look.... Healthy" 

Also today is what was meant to be my twenty week ultrasound but the hospital are running behind with their appointments so technically it's my twenty-one week ultrasound! I'm excited to see her again! 

Maternity clothing - Yep, although I am now trying to find clothes in bigger sizes just because maternity wear can be so expensive and with the weather hopefully getting warmer soon, I hoping that I can live in dresses, so I don't see the point in spending all that money for something I'm not going to wear for long. 

Sleep - I could sleep for England. I wake up feeling tired and I go to bed feeling tired. Most nights I sleep quite well although I seem to have a period between 1am and 3am where I am half awake, half asleep and tossing and turning. 

Movement - Yep! It's amazing! I'm starting to feel a lot more during the day now and not just at night. 

Food cravings/Aversions - My appetite isn't as good as it was. Nothing seems appealing to me anymore :(

Symptoms -

Morning Sickness - Still there on and off. It needs to go away now. 

Acne - It's not any worse but it's no better. 

Ligament pain - In my lower back and right hip. 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - My morning sickness was a thing of the past with James at this point. I had way more energy too.

Best moments of the past week -

Spending a quiet week at home. We really haven't done much. 
The past two days the weather has been getting warmer.. Spring is coming! 

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