Emily - Twenty Four Weeks

Today is - Monday, April 29th, 2013

How far along - 24 weeks

Baby is the size of  - An ear of corn :)

Baby is - A girl!! 

Total Weight Gain - 14lbs.

What's going on with Baby -  Emily has gained about 4 ounces is just the past week. Her senses are continuing to develop and her lungs are developing the branches of the respiratory tree. 

What's going on with Mummy - Considering that I'm laid up on the sofa with a strapped up foot and crutches I'm not too bad! 

Maternity clothing - I can still fit into a few non maternity tops but all trousers are either maternity or a larger size. I cannot wait until the weather warms up a bit more so I can wear dresses. 

Sleep - Sleeping quite well. I'm not finding it as hard to wake up in the morning now which is great. I hated that feeling of not being able to wake up properly.

Movement - Yes. Loads of little kicks. When I lay in bed with my hands on my bump at night it's awesome to feel her moving around. She wiggles a lot! 

Food cravings/Aversions - My appetite is still coming and going. One day I can eat everything in sight and the next day food disgusts me and I have to force myself to eat. Not really craving anything this week, although today I would eat my own arm for a salad. 

Symptoms -

Morning Sickness - I say still there on and off but this week it's been a lot better and is more like random bouts of nausea.. I had one pretty bad day last week. 

Acne - Yep, that's not getting any better.

Pain - In my lower back and right hip. I think I might have the beginnings of SPD.

How is this pregnancy different from the first - By this point with James I had been feeling great for weeks. 

Best moments of the past week -

Feeling great for most of the week! 

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