Catch Up.

I think it is safe to say that Spring has finally decided to grace us with it's presence.

Today is the hottest day that we've had so far and I am loving it. My mood is so much better when the weather is nice. James and I walked to Tiny Tearaways this afternoon and it was so nice to not have to bundle up in coats, hats and scarves.. A bit of sun cream and a sun hat for James and we were off.


We had a bit of a family get together this weekend so that my auntie and uncle could meet my Sisters new baby, Eva.. It was nice to have us all together in one place but wow, was it loud!

It is so sweet to watch James interacting with his newest cousin. He holds her so gently and talks sweetly to her. It's hard to imagine in that just over three months he will be holding his sister.. It's something that I dream about often :)


This week is busy and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my pregnant self can keep up! I'm walking four miles a day to do the School run. Yesterday I also picked James up which meant it was eight miles and I nearly keeled over. Thank goodness we've now agreed that I will take James and Anthony will collect him. Four miles a day is enough for me. Tomorrow is mine and James' Mummy and Child cooking class. He is so excited about it and has been asking me everyday for the past two weeks if today is the day. He's happy because food is involved and I'm happy because it's something that James and I are going to do together before Emily arrives.

On that note.. I have a little one that needs dinner.. Then... I will finally be able to sit down and relax!

I hope you're all having a good week!


  1. Blog hopping and came you yours! Congratulations on your sweet baby girl! Excited to catch up! :)

  2. He looks so sweet holding the new baby, can't wait till Emily gets here.


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