A Knitting Pattern - Newborn Hat.

The past few weeks I've been knitting up a storm. I find myself always knitting more during the colder months and that coupled with the fact that I have a baby on the way, well my crafting urges have gone into overdrive. Emily's bottom draw is quickly becoming her draw full of handmade items.

I've mostly been working on a few blankets but the other day I wanted something that I could work on for a few hours and have it be completed the same day. Something quick and fun.

I figured I'd start with a newborn baby hat. I found a pattern that I'd had lying around for a few months and set to work. Two hours later it was finished. The only problem was that I was pretty sure it was too small to be a newborn hat. I guess if I had to size it I would say it was "Early Baby."

I set to work again, increasing the stitches and adding a few rows and lo and behold, I finished with a newborn hat. It's the first time I've ever adapted a pattern myself so I was pretty chuffed that it came out looking like a hat :)

Here's the pattern for anyone that wants to give it a go. Please excuse the model in my photos and the pen on her face.

K - Knit
P - Pearl 
K2tog - Knit two stitches together. 

You will need size 4mm needles. 

Cast on 72 stitches. 

Rows 1-6 - K1 P1 to create border. 

For the next 7cms (roughly 3 inches) work in Stocking Stitich. {Knit one row, Pearl next row}

To decrease - 

Row 1 - *K6 K2tog* repeat to end of row

Row 2 - Knit

Row 3 - Knit

Row 4 - *K5 K2tog* repeat to end of row

Row 5 - Knit

Row 6 - *K4 K2tog* Repeat to end of row

Row 7 - Knit

Row 8 - *K3 K2tog* Repeat to end of row

Row 9 - *K2 K2tog* Repeat to end of row

Row 10 - "K1 K2tog* Repeat to end of row

Row 11 - *K2tog* Repeat to end of row

Row 12 - *K2tog* Repeat to end of row

You will be left with 4 stitches. Cut yarn, leaving enough to sew up the seams. Feed through the remaining 4 stitiches and pull tight. Sew up the side seem and any loose ends. Turn the correct way around and voila! 

{To make an Early Baby size, only cast on 64 stitches. Work rows 1 to 6 in the same way. With the stocking stitch work only 5cms and then decrease exactly the same as above.}

Feel free to ask my any questions in the comments and if you have a go at making it then I'd love to hear how it turns out!

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