1, 2, 3... Magic...

I'm in two minds when it comes to books on parenting. On one hand I think that every child is different and so is every parent. Can a book really cover all those different personalities?

On the other hand I think having a book there for reference can sometimes be helpful. When James was 6 months old I was at my wits end. His reflux was making both him and me so miserable. He wasn't sleeping or napping. We had just found out that as-well as being intolerant to dairy & soya. He also couldn't tolerate wheat or gluten. Everyone kept telling me that babies make their own routines and that he'd tell me when he was hungry or tired but deep down I knew my kid and I knew that he needed a routine. I was browsing in a bookshop one day whist I was trying to keep a grumpy James from having a complete meltdown and I came across Gina Fords book, "Contented Little Baby." That book saved my sanity. I know a lot of people say her routines are too rigid and leave no room for changes and the unexpected things that come up in day to day life. I didn't follow her routines to the letter though. I read the book, took what was useful to me, used her routine structure to create my own and within two days I had a complete different baby. James is a child that thrives on routine. Even now at four years old.

About eighteen months ago a friend recommended a book when I was having a few problems disciplining James.

A few people I knew were singing this books praises, so I ordered it off Amazon and the day that it arrived I sat for three hours straight and read it. The next day I implemented it's techniques and within a week I noticed a difference in James. Like a lot of things though, life went on, things happened and over time I stopped using what I had learnt... Which brings me to yesterday. 

For the past few weeks James has been testing me.. Nothing major but things like not listening to me, shouting when he doesn't get his own way, refusing to eat his meals but then demanding sweets {Yep like that will happen kid!} I think a lot of things have changed for him this year and he's seeing where he stands.  Yesterday whilst I had to stay in bed because of my stomach cramps, I dug 1,2,3 Magic out and brushed up on my skills. Then I sat James down and explained that Mummy wasn't going to argue with him anymore or end up shouting when he didn't listen. I told him that he would get his three warnings and if he is still being naughty then he goes straight to time out.. 

The good thing about James is that he listens... And he understands.. 

Since then.. and I know it's only been 24 hours but it's been a very peaceful 24 hours... I haven't had to get passed number 2. I know these techniques work and last time it was my own fault for falling off the wagon and not remembering to use them. 

So maybe everyone doesn't agree on whether parenting books are a good thing or not but I believe in certain situations they can come in handy. 

Here's to a peaceful Wednesday! 

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