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Since Anthony left the Army two, nearly three years ago, he has been looking for a hobby. The problem is that he's a very intelligent guy which off course is a blessing. What he doesn't know about Maths or Science isn't worth knowing. He can pick up a book, read it once or watch a documentary one time and he remembers everything about it. He has a photographic memory.

It can also be a curse though. He gets bored easily. Something has to be really interesting for it to keep his attention. When it does though, he will take it and run. I think he has finally found a hobby that engages him. He enjoys it and he's learning a new skill..


Home brewing.  

The above photo is actually his first attempt at Cider making but since January he has made several different types of Wine, which are all currently in their demijohns and living in my airing cupboard in the bathroom. 

I do believe that after the baby is born I may have to do some taste testing.. Off course it is my wifely duty and it would be rude of me not to. 


James seems to finally be on the mend. Thank goodness. 

{ Please excuse the green felt pen on his face.. I can assure you that it has now been removed :) }


What would a stream-of-consciousness-type post be without some doggy photos. 


I had a little friendly photo competition with my youngest sister today. The theme was "concrete." The only rules were that we had to take the photo and edit it with our iPhone. No cameras allowed!. We then had to post it to Instagram. 

I came up with this.. 

It's the water tower which is about a 30 second walk from my house. I love this photo though because James can see the tower from his bedroom window and he is adamant that it is a castle. :)


For a while now.. Probably over a year, I have been turning an idea over and over in my mind. I kept dismissing it thinking that it wouldn't work or that people close to me would think that I was living in a dream world and coming up with pipe dreams. Today though I sat down with Anthony and told him my idea. He is 100% behind me. I'm so lucky to have a supportive husband. No matter how absurd my ideas are {and I have had many!} he is always there telling me that I can do it. I don't give him enough credit for that. 

I'm excited about this new venture. When the time is right I will talk about it here but for now I am planning and working things out. 

Here's to a happy weekend! 

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