Today is the first day of Spring.. Yay! I'm looking out of my Living room window as I type this and the sky is grey and the rain is falling. Where are the blue skies? The chirping birds? The sunshine? The rising temperatures?

I am a person that is very much affected by the weather. I wouldn't say that I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but I do notice that if the weather is brighter then so is my mood. The past few weeks with the weather being so miserable and the fact that I haven't been feeling to great with all of these pregnancy symptoms, my mood has been very up and down.

I was once told by a doctor to 'fake it until I make it..' So I'm going to take that bit of advice and use it now. So Spring isn't really here yet. Instead of moaning about it I am going to jump on the bandwagon of making my Spring Goals. I'm going to plan all the things that I will be doing in a few weeks when the Sun will be shining and those birds will be waking me up in the morning with their songs.

1 - Keep fresh flowers in the house. 

2 - Make more time to visit my family. 

3 - Blog daily. 

4 - Find a pregnancy yoga class. 

5 - Take a walk every day. 

6 - Sort out all of my clothes. Donate what I don't wear. 

7 - DO NOT get my hair cut.. 

8 - Make sure James feels involved with the pregnancy & new baby. 

9 - Prepare James for starting school in September. 

10 - Take more bubble baths :)

11 - Try to read most nights before bed. 

12 - Enjoy Spring! 

What are your goals for Spring? I'd love to hear them. 

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