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Spring Clean Month

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I was catching up on some blogs yesterday when I came across a post from Clean Mama . She has dubbed March the Spring Clean Month. Now I am loving this idea. A whole month to sort my house out!

Before I fell pregnant I tried to keep my house as clean and tidy as possible.. Well, as much as you can whilst an at-the-time-three-year-old was rushing through it like a tornado. Then I found out Peanut was on it's way and the morning sickness hit. Then the tiredness hit.. Then my house turned into a disaster zone...

Now here we are.. I've turned a corner with my morning sickness, I can normally get through to at least 4pm before I am trying desperately to keep my eyes open so I think it's the perfect time to stop procrastinating and to sort my house out ready for Spring.. {I am assured that Spring will arrive one day....}

So today I will start. I will polish, organise, sweep & mop.. I will de-clutter, throw things out and donate other things to charity. I'm looking forward to following along with Clean Mama and her tips that she will post throughout March.

I'm ready!

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1 comment

  1. I need to clean in the worst way too...dust bunnies are collecting!


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