Some Points.

I have zero energy so today I will bring you a post in bullet point style form, from my iPhone.

1) I thought I had turned a corner with my morning sickness but alas, apparently not. These past three days it has made an un-welcomed return. I've given in this afternoon and am on the sofa with a quilt. What happened to the second trimester glow?

2) We have sorted out an Internet provider and our Broadband should be switched on by the 13th. You have no idea how happy this makes me! Normal blogging will resume soon.

3) I had a midwife appointment yesterday. Peanuts heartbeat sounded wonderful. I do have to say though weeks seven to fourteen flew by but fourteen to now has dragged on and on and on...

4) Today is World Book Day. All the kids at James' Nursery had to dress up and the theme was "What I Want To Be When I Grow Up.." James was a Fireman. As was about ten other boys in his class!

I'll *hopefully* be back tomorrow with my Fab Friday post.. (Providing my iPhone cooperates.

Have a great day!

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