Peanut - Week Sixteen

Today is - Monday, March 4th, 2013

How far along - 16 weeks

Baby is the size of - An avocado.

Total Weight Gain - Still at around 12lbs

What's going on with Baby - Peanut is now emptying his/her bladder every 45 minutes. It's muscles are also developing to the point where it can hold its neck more erect. This week marks the start of a growth spurt!

What's going on Mummy - Hormones! I miss being able to fit into my clothes.

Maternity clothing - Trousers yes.. Tops, some but I can still get into a lot of my non maternity tops, they're just a little tight.

Sleep - Trying to find a comfy position is hard. I can't sleep on my stomach anymore which is my preferred position. Most nights I'm not having to use the toilet which is a bonus.

Movement - Yes!!! Little kicks here and there, although most days they are few and far between.

Food cravings/Aversions - I've eaten loads this past week but then the past two days my appetite has diminished.. I'm still craving Mint choc chip ice cream though :)

Symptoms -

Morning Sickness - On & Off but nowhere near as bad.

Acne - I feel like I'm thirteen again.

Sciatica - I had it with James and now it's started again. It flairs up if I walk too far.

How is this pregnancy different from the first - At 16 weeks with James I developed vertigo which lasted 4 weeks. I couldn't lay down at all. I had to sleep sitting up on the sofa. Hopefully I don't get it this time!

Best Moments of the week - Finally getting my eyebrows waxed!! It had been ages and was really starting to bug me :)

James had an awesome week at Nursery which makes me happy.

A good appointment with my consultant. Peanut is right on track!

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