Park Life.

Yesterday James was restless, he didn't want to play with his toys so he was entertaining himself by singing. I might be biased but he sounds awesome whilst singing but Anthony was trying to watch the news and I could feel the tensions rising in my living room..

The cure?

A Mummy & James park trip, wrapped up in our hats and coats..

I didn't realise it was possible but it made me even more anxious for Spring and the warmer weather.

James got to expel some energy. We both got some fresh air. Oh and Anthony got to watch the news in peace and quiet.

This park is the closest to us but, in my opinion, it isn't that great. I think it is aimed more towards older kids and most time I dread the thought of going. James loves it though and all the other parks are quite a walk away. Watching James yesterday though, made me realise that it doesn't matter if I like it or not. He does. And that is what matters. We only stayed for about thirty minutes because of the cold but James didn't mind.

Four years after becoming a Mum, it still amazes me that it really is the little things that make them happy.


  1. These are such good shots of James, I especially love the last one.

    1. Thanks! A lot of them looked posed but they were all natural shots! I've been neglecting my camera lately but I plan to change that this month :) x


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