Oh Dear.. I've Found A Thing Called... Etsy.

I've never paid much attention to Etsy. I knew of it's existence but apart from setting up an account, with the thought of one day maybe selling some of my knitted baby blankets, I had never delved any deeper..

Until yesterday.

I was innocently browsing the internet looking at baby girl clothes when I suddenly remembered Etsy. About two minutes later I had downloaded their free iPhone app and then all of a sudden, I was in baby girl heaven.

Before I continue let me say that although dressing any baby is fun, over here in England when you walk into a clothes shop, there is rack after rack of girl clothes and normally only one rack of boys clothes. There just isn't the same choice for boys. So you can imagine my excitement regarding the fact that I now get to enter a world of dresses, skirts and tights.. Oh and leg warmers too!

So back to yesterday. Etsy is a dangerous world for a Mummy expecting her first little girl..

{These two aren't Etsy but how cute are they!}

Aren't these adorable for her monthly updates! 

Okay, I could carry on but I will control myself. I will control myself..

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  1. I love etsy. I could spend hours on there looking at different stuff!


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