Mother Nature and Two Children.

I firmly believe that Mother Nature has a way of making women forget how painful childbirth can be. My theory is that you forget so that a few years down the line you will want to do it all over again. About ten minutes after James was born I declared that I was never ever going to have anymore children and that labor was too traumatic to even think about doing it again.. Slowly over time though I was so engrossed with James and how amazing he was that I forgot how painful it was to get him into this world. To the point where I sit here now and say,

 "It couldn't have been worse than period pains.."

In much the same way I believe that you forget how tiring the newborn stage can be. Not that it isn't amazing, because obviously it is. You have this tiny, new, little life to look after and you could sit there all day staring at this little person that you made.. But no matter how amazing these bundles of joys are, it is exhausting . I had forgotten how two hours of sleep a night can make you feel.. Until...

I went to see my Sister and new baby niece last Friday. 5 days postpartum and although she is ecstatic with her new daughter and in a cloud of love and appreciation, she is also sore, exhausted and slightly dazed from it all.

Whilst I was sat there, having snuggles with Eva, it suddenly dawned on me.. I am going to have two children. I am going to have a newborn whilst trying to keep up with the demands of my four year old. 

I was lucky with James, for the first couple of weeks he slept most nights from 11pm to around 4 or 5am.. It wasn't until he was two weeks old that he started waking up at all hours, demanding to be fed at some un-godly hour.. At least then I could test a lot of the tips that new Mum's get.. Such as "Sleep when the baby sleeps.." This time though, when the baby sleeps I'll be wanting to spend one on one time with James.

I know that I can do it and that I will survive. I'm not the first mother to go from one to two children and to be honest I've probably got it a lot easier than some in the fact that Anthony is at home full time and that James is slightly older so he understands more and therefore will hopefully be a little bit of a help to me. He has already informed me that he wants to help bath his sister and rock her to sleep.

I know that my house will probably end up a pig sty, the washing will pile up and I'll forget which child needs what and try to feed James a bottle and the baby Roast Chicken but I need to remember that I am going to have two beautiful children.. The mess, the tiredness, that doesn't matter.

Any tips out there from Mummy's of two or more.. Send them my way.. All tips shall be gratefully received!  


  1. I'm with you! I'm both excited and nervous about life with two. A newborn and an almost 2 year old?! Not sure how it's going to go!

  2. You'll do fine!! And James will be more of a help than you'd ever think I'm sure!!
    Love her name by the way!


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