Instagram Sunday & A Poll.

So far it has been quite a relaxing weekend. Since James started Nursery I have come to value the quietness that a weekend morning brings.. There is no rushing to get dressed and be out of the house on time. On that note I am going to stick with the relaxed theme and give you an Instragram Sunday.

Clockwise - 
1 - Good Morning from James. 
2 - How I spent most of Wednesday. 
3 - Bark.  - 
4 - Embracing the change to Bloglovin.

Clockwise - 
1 - James & I sent this to my Sister yesterday who is in hospital being induced. 
2 - Baby Peanut at 17 weeks and 2 days. 
3 - Cottage Pie anyone? 
4 - Puppy, child and Friends on TV.. A perfect afternoon :)

On Monday, April the 8th, which is three weeks tomorrow! I'm having  my 21 week ultrasound where we will {hopefully, if Peanut co-operates!} find out if Baby is a Boy or a Girl.. To say I am excited is an understatement. 

When I was pregnant with James I knew straight from the start that he was a boy and never wavered from that. At no point did I think.. "Maybe it's a girl.." 

This time around I started off thinking that Peanut was a girl but now I'm not so sure.. Just for fun I've set up a little poll in my sidebar to find out what all of you guys think! I'd love to know what you're thinking! So go ahead and vote :) 

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