Fab Friday & Peanut is a.......


It's Friday which in these parts means only one thing!
Time to link up with Laura for Fab Friday.
I don't think that today could've been any better.
Peanut has had me worried for a few days now. For three weeks I've been feeling movement until three days ago, when it stopped. With my history obviously I went into a tail spin whilst Anthony tried to reassure me that everything was ok.
Yesterday I decided that my nerves could take no more and I booked into have a private scan this morning. It was a lot of money. Money that we don't have but I needed peace of mind.
And.. Peace of mind is what I got.

Peanut is doing fantastically. And we got to find out the sex...

Its a beautiful baby


My intuition at the beginning of my pregnancy was correct.
I cannot believe that we are going to have a daughter.

{A little foot!}
She was kicking away in there and moving around like no bodies business so why I've suddenly stopped feeling the movement is a mystery but she's ok and that's all that matters.
And after all that excitement I got to go and see my Sister and new baby niece, Eva..
This is a pretty fab Friday :)


  1. Yay!!!
    A boy and a girl for a beautiful family!

  2. Yay!! Congratulations!! That is so exciting! And how great will it be for you and your sisters girls to be so close in age and grow up together!!


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