22 Things I Love About James.

1 - I love how he loves numbers. 

2 - I love how he cannot wait to be a big brother. 

3 - I love how he has my eyes. 

4 - I love how he calls Cheddar, Chedz. 

5 - I love how when he is doing something that he thinks is cool he says,
"Mummy, take my photo"

6 - I love how he plays with his Daddy.

7 - I love that every night before bed he reads one page of Treasure Island to us. All by himself. 

8 - I love how he has grown into shows like Power Rangers but still loves Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly. 

9 - I love how when he is concentrating he sticks his tongue out. 

10 - I love how he puts his hands on my belly to try and feel Emily kick. 

11 - I love how he calls McDonalds, "Old McDonalds" 
And how he gets so excited to go there even though he can only eat the French Fries.

12 - I love that it doesn't bother him that he cannot eat a lot of normal foods because of his Celiacs Disease.

13 - I love how he loves Nursery. 

14 - I love how when I say goodbye to him at Nursery he says,
"Don't forget the kiss and cuddle"

15 - I love how if you give him paper and crayons he will write instead of draw.

16 - I love how he is a bookworm, just like me. 

17 - I love how much he loves his friends and family. 

18 - I love how he can use my iPhone better than me. 

19 - I love how his new thing is asking how something is going. 
"Mummy, I've come to see how cooking the dinner is going?"
"Mummy, I've wanted to know how painting the walls is going?"

20 - I love how he gets so excited over everyone's birthday, not just his own. 

21 - I love his laugh.

22 - I love him. More than words can say. 

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