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A few days ago I was looking through the photos on my computer. I had over 14,000 on my old Notebook so I wanted to clear some out before moving them all over to my new computer. I came across mine and Anthony's engagement photos! To say that they brought back some memories is an understatement.

I look at them now and I can remember how I felt when we took them. How I was so self conscious at first but then I kind of forgot that there was a camera there. I can remember that by the end of the session Anthony was so fed up of smiling, I could tell that he'd had enough! The day after these were taken he was deployed to Iraq for six months. I can remember getting the disc through in the post about a week later. I sat looking through them all with tears streaming.

Sat here now looking at them, I just think about how young we look! I was 20 and Anthony was 24. We've grown up together and realising that makes me happy. So much has happened in the nearly ten years that we have been together and if someone had told me a decade ago that we would be married with {nearly} two children I would've told them that they were crazy.

It's crazy how life turns out sometimes but honestly, I wouldn't change it for the world.


Windows Movie Maker.

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Up until yesterday, I had no idea that Windows Movie Maker existed. I was playing around with my new laptop, I don't mind telling you that Windows 8 is a bit mind boggling. Anyway I came across the movie maker application so I started playing around. This thing is awesome! I ended up making a little movie of James, with some random footage I had on my phone and some photo stills. It's not great but for my first attempt I'm not going to moan. I'm really excited about all the movies I can make when Emily comes along and I get to witness a brother and sister together :)

My Movie for James from Liane Bayliss on Vimeo.

I hope you all have a great weekend and a fabulous Easter Sunday!


Fab Friday.


I can't believe it's Friday again! This week has flown by but I'm not complaining. 
If you feel like celebrating the Fab things about this week then head over to Laura's Blog and link up. Oh and whilst your there check out her gorgeous new baby boy, Gabe :) He's a cutie! 

So what's been great this week?

1 - James has officially broken up from Nursery for the Easter Holidays!
This makes me happy for several reasons. 
No rushing in the mornings. 
Days spent with my boy
Now, if only the nice weather would arrive! 

2 - I brought Miss Emily's first outfit on Monday :)

I just keep staring at it. 

3 - I am also working on her 3rd blanket. 
I wish I had known how to knit when I was pregnant with James! 

4 - James let me sleep in until 8am this morning! 
That's only happened about 3 times since he's been born! 

Whats been Fab in your world this week?


22 Things I Love About James.

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1 - I love how he loves numbers. 

2 - I love how he cannot wait to be a big brother. 

3 - I love how he has my eyes. 

4 - I love how he calls Cheddar, Chedz. 

5 - I love how when he is doing something that he thinks is cool he says,
"Mummy, take my photo"

6 - I love how he plays with his Daddy.

7 - I love that every night before bed he reads one page of Treasure Island to us. All by himself. 

8 - I love how he has grown into shows like Power Rangers but still loves Peppa Pig and Ben & Holly. 

9 - I love how when he is concentrating he sticks his tongue out. 

10 - I love how he puts his hands on my belly to try and feel Emily kick. 

11 - I love how he calls McDonalds, "Old McDonalds" 
And how he gets so excited to go there even though he can only eat the French Fries.

12 - I love that it doesn't bother him that he cannot eat a lot of normal foods because of his Celiacs Disease.

13 - I love how he loves Nursery. 

14 - I love how when I say goodbye to him at Nursery he says,
"Don't forget the kiss and cuddle"

15 - I love how if you give him paper and crayons he will write instead of draw.

16 - I love how he is a bookworm, just like me. 

17 - I love how much he loves his friends and family. 

18 - I love how he can use my iPhone better than me. 

19 - I love how his new thing is asking how something is going. 
"Mummy, I've come to see how cooking the dinner is going?"
"Mummy, I've wanted to know how painting the walls is going?"

20 - I love how he gets so excited over everyone's birthday, not just his own. 

21 - I love his laugh.

22 - I love him. More than words can say. 


Click-ity Click.

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Lately my interest in Photography has really picked up. I went through a dry spell in January and February when my morning sickness was so bad that I didn't want to get off the sofa, let alone pick my camera up but for the past few weeks I've been itching to get back into the habit of taking photos daily. Anthony likes to tease me and regularly calls me David Bailey but although I've only had a descent camera for a year it has fast become a hobby that I am loving. Who doesn't love capturing memories that you can look back on in the years to come?

For over a week now I've wanted to take some photos of Rushden Hall but it's been so so cold and snowy that I haven't had the chance yet. Yesterday afternoon we had to pop down to the town and seen as we were going to be at that end of town anyway, I grabbed my camera on the way out and we made a pit stop. They have a kids play area there so James got play too which was just an added bonus :)

It was so cold that we only stopped for maybe ten minutes but it felt good to be doing something that I love. I'm trying to make the most of my hobbies now whilst I've got the chance because come August I know that I'm not going to have two minutes spare to myself!

Happy Wednesday!


Mother Nature and Two Children.


I firmly believe that Mother Nature has a way of making women forget how painful childbirth can be. My theory is that you forget so that a few years down the line you will want to do it all over again. About ten minutes after James was born I declared that I was never ever going to have anymore children and that labor was too traumatic to even think about doing it again.. Slowly over time though I was so engrossed with James and how amazing he was that I forgot how painful it was to get him into this world. To the point where I sit here now and say,

 "It couldn't have been worse than period pains.."

In much the same way I believe that you forget how tiring the newborn stage can be. Not that it isn't amazing, because obviously it is. You have this tiny, new, little life to look after and you could sit there all day staring at this little person that you made.. But no matter how amazing these bundles of joys are, it is exhausting . I had forgotten how two hours of sleep a night can make you feel.. Until...

I went to see my Sister and new baby niece last Friday. 5 days postpartum and although she is ecstatic with her new daughter and in a cloud of love and appreciation, she is also sore, exhausted and slightly dazed from it all.

Whilst I was sat there, having snuggles with Eva, it suddenly dawned on me.. I am going to have two children. I am going to have a newborn whilst trying to keep up with the demands of my four year old. 

I was lucky with James, for the first couple of weeks he slept most nights from 11pm to around 4 or 5am.. It wasn't until he was two weeks old that he started waking up at all hours, demanding to be fed at some un-godly hour.. At least then I could test a lot of the tips that new Mum's get.. Such as "Sleep when the baby sleeps.." This time though, when the baby sleeps I'll be wanting to spend one on one time with James.

I know that I can do it and that I will survive. I'm not the first mother to go from one to two children and to be honest I've probably got it a lot easier than some in the fact that Anthony is at home full time and that James is slightly older so he understands more and therefore will hopefully be a little bit of a help to me. He has already informed me that he wants to help bath his sister and rock her to sleep.

I know that my house will probably end up a pig sty, the washing will pile up and I'll forget which child needs what and try to feed James a bottle and the baby Roast Chicken but I need to remember that I am going to have two beautiful children.. The mess, the tiredness, that doesn't matter.

Any tips out there from Mummy's of two or more.. Send them my way.. All tips shall be gratefully received!  


Peanut - Week Nineteen and Her Name!

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Today is - Monday, March 25th, 2013

How far along - 19 weeks

Baby is the size of  - A Mango

Baby is - A girl!! 

Total Weight Gain - 12lbs. 

What's going on with Baby - This week her sensory development is exploding! Her brain is creating areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision & touch. 
Her permanent teeth buds are forming behind the already formed milk teeth buds! Research suggests that Peanut is now able to hear in the womb which completely blows my mind :)

What's going on with Mummy - I'm still waiting to feel that 2nd trimester glow! I now officially only have 2 pairs of trousers that fit me. 

Maternity clothing - Yes with trousers. I need to buy some more though. I can still get away with mostly normal tops. 

Sleep - I've stopped feeling so tired during the day but I get tired earlier at night. I seem to fall asleep okay but most nights I wake up in the middle of the night for at least an hour. I'm looking forward to James finishing school on Thursday for Easter so that I don't have to wake up at 6.30am in the morning. 

Movement - This week she had me worried. After feeling movement for around 2.5-3 weeks, all of a sudden I felt nothing for three days. I knew it was still early on but the fact that I had been feeling little kicks and then it suddenly stopped, my anxiety went into overdrive. Thankfully my scan showed us that everything was okay and sods law, literally two hours after my scan I felt a load of movement. She is obviously a stubborn little one. I think at the moment she wiggles around more than kicks. It's cute whatever it is.

Food cravings/Aversions - Nothing apart from Beef Monster Munch sounds good. Although yesterday morning I made Eggy Bread for breakfast and it was D-E-LICIOUS :) 

Symptoms -

Morning Sickness - Still there on and off. 

Acne - I'm going to try making some homemade face masks to see if they help. 

Ligament pain - This is on and off and not really causing me too much bother. 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - My morning sickness was a thing of the past with James at this point. It hasn't been too bad this week but it still sneaks up on me out of nowhere. 

Also by this point I was feeling more frequent movement with James. 

Best moments of the past week - 

Getting to have my ultrasound. It was worth every penny and the fact that we got to see her in 4D was an added bonus. 
Finding out that we are having a beautiful little girl! How lucky am I to have one of each.

And finally.....

We've had names picked out since I was about nine weeks pregnant. {We were the same with James} I was thinking about not announcing the name until she was born but then I realised that I would never be able to keep it quiet for that long! 

So, introducing..

James is named after Anthony's Grandfather and Emily is from my Great Grandmother. Victoria is my sisters middle name. 

I love that both of our children have names passed down from members of our family. 

I am so in love with her already! 


Oh Dear.. I've Found A Thing Called... Etsy.

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I've never paid much attention to Etsy. I knew of it's existence but apart from setting up an account, with the thought of one day maybe selling some of my knitted baby blankets, I had never delved any deeper..

Until yesterday.

I was innocently browsing the internet looking at baby girl clothes when I suddenly remembered Etsy. About two minutes later I had downloaded their free iPhone app and then all of a sudden, I was in baby girl heaven.

Before I continue let me say that although dressing any baby is fun, over here in England when you walk into a clothes shop, there is rack after rack of girl clothes and normally only one rack of boys clothes. There just isn't the same choice for boys. So you can imagine my excitement regarding the fact that I now get to enter a world of dresses, skirts and tights.. Oh and leg warmers too!

So back to yesterday. Etsy is a dangerous world for a Mummy expecting her first little girl..

{These two aren't Etsy but how cute are they!}

Aren't these adorable for her monthly updates! 

Okay, I could carry on but I will control myself. I will control myself..


A Letter To Winter.


Dear Winter,

I'm writing to you now because I'm pretty sure that you didn't get the Memo last Wednesday about it now being officially Spring. I would hate to think that all the other Seasons are laughing behind your back about you outstaying your welcome, whilst you are none the wiser.

So just in case you didn't know.. It is now Spring.. Officially. The temperatures are now aloud to get warmer. The birds are now allowed to wake us up at 5am chirping away, the Daffodils are now aloud to bloom.

What is not allowed to happen is this..

Please Winter, imagine my displeasure when I open my front door this morning to the above scene. And the snow is still falling.

Do you realise how inconvenient this is? Walking with a four year old to the shops in this is not for the feint hearted.  A pregnant woman walking in it is not the best idea but apparently you plan on sticking around for the long haul so what's a girl to do?

I really think you should just give it up now. You were fun in December, even in January. You started to get a bit old in February but now in March you are just being plain rude.

I bid you farewell.


Fab Friday & Peanut is a.......


It's Friday which in these parts means only one thing!
Time to link up with Laura for Fab Friday.
I don't think that today could've been any better.
Peanut has had me worried for a few days now. For three weeks I've been feeling movement until three days ago, when it stopped. With my history obviously I went into a tail spin whilst Anthony tried to reassure me that everything was ok.
Yesterday I decided that my nerves could take no more and I booked into have a private scan this morning. It was a lot of money. Money that we don't have but I needed peace of mind.
And.. Peace of mind is what I got.

Peanut is doing fantastically. And we got to find out the sex...

Its a beautiful baby


My intuition at the beginning of my pregnancy was correct.
I cannot believe that we are going to have a daughter.

{A little foot!}
She was kicking away in there and moving around like no bodies business so why I've suddenly stopped feeling the movement is a mystery but she's ok and that's all that matters.
And after all that excitement I got to go and see my Sister and new baby niece, Eva..
This is a pretty fab Friday :)


Liebster Award!

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I've been awarded the Liebster Award from the lovely Jodi over at Love and Crayons. It is an award given to bloggers by their fellow bloggers and I'm very honoured to accept it!

There are a few rules when accepting this award.

  1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  2. Answer the question the nominator set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve nominated to answer.
  3. Choose 11 blogs and link them in your post.
  4. Go to their page and tell them.
  5. No tags back!

Ok! So here are the questions that Jodi asked me.

What’s your #1 most played song on your play list? At the moment I am totally into my Elvis album that I downloaded from iTunes to my iPhone. James constantly asks to listen to "Daddy, please don't cry" so that's on repeat a lot.

If you had to change your first name, what would you change it to? Oh wow! I have no idea. I used to love really un-usual names but since I've gotten a bit older I'm more into traditional names. I love my name though and the fact that it is spelt differently so to be honest I don't think I would ever change it.

What was the last movie that made you cry? It takes ALOT to make me cry. I'm not really one to cry at movies and I'm really having to think hard to remember the last one that actually made me shed some tears. Possibly Pearl Harbor which I re-watched about six months ago.

What is a necessity for you in the morning? A cup of tea and a warm house. Honestly I cannot function until I have had my first hit of caffeine and if the house is cold then it just makes me plain miserable. I also have to be up on time. If I oversleep then it starts my day off bad and the rest of the day follows suit.

What do you miss most about being a kid? I guess mostly the freedom. You don't have to worry about where the next meal is coming from or how you are going to pay the next bill that comes through the letterbox. As long as you have your friends your happy!

If you have 30 minutes of free time, what do you do? I like to write, read blogs, knit, read.. By writing this I'm noticing that I like quiet things!

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? I love learning new crafts. I taught myself how to knit by watching YouTube videos, I've tried to do the same with Crochet but I just cannot get the hang of it.

What's your favourite outdoor activity? Walking. I love it.

What is your favourite type of food? I love Pizza. I mean who doesn't?

What is your favourite season? I love Autumn but then in the dead of winter, I cannot wait for the warmer weather and change my mind to Spring being my favourite. I think it honestly depends what kind of a mood I am in.

What is the last book you read? I'm currently re-reading the Twilight series. I've just finished New Moon.

Now 11 facts about myself..

1 - I have a type A personality. If I am late for anything then it sends me into a complete tailspin.

2 - I am the most impatient person that I know.

3 - I am a complete romantic at heart.

4 - I was married before I met Anthony. I was 18 years old and stupid.

5 - I am the most paranoid person ever when I am pregnant. Probably because of my history but still I think I annoy everyone around me to the point that they want to rip my head off.

6 - I am always worried that my Emetophobia stops me from being the best parent to James.

7 - Mine and my Mum's feet are identical.. Right down to our little toes.

8 - I wish I was more creative.

9 - I hate ironing.. I hate putting the clean clothes away even more.

10 - I love cheese.

11 - I finally stopped biting my nails at 26 years of age.. How bad is that!

Now my 11 blogs that I am nominating - Last year when this award was running the blogs that you nominated had to have under 200 followers.. I'm not sure if that is the same this year.. Nearly all of the blogs I follow have way over 200 followers so I am going to nominate people who's blog I love to read!

Stacy at Dutch Door Cottage
Laura at The Everyday Joys
Whitney at Everything Happens For  A Reason
Ivy at Little Woman Little Home
Melody at Dance Parties in The Rain
Jennifer at Oh My Owls
Katrina at They All Call Me Mom
Whitney at Glamorous Life Of A Housewife
Kate at Set This Circus Down
Megan at Across The Pond
Kelly at Kelly's Korner

And... Finally... wow, this is taking forever! My 11 questions to my nominees :)

1 - If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
2 - Favourite vacation you've had?
3 - What's your morning routine?
4 - What is the worst film you've ever watched?
5 - What can you not leave the house without?
6 - Most embarrassing moment at school?
7 - If you had a whole day with no spouses, kids or work, what would you do, where would you go?
8 - Favourite flavour of ice cream?
9 - What style of Blogger would you say you were?
10 - What tips would you give to new bloggers?
11 - Day or night? Warm or cold? Summer or Winter?

Wow.. Ok.. Now I really think that's everything! Thank you again to Jodi for giving me the Liebster award!




Look at what I got!

I've upgraded from an Asus Notebook to a Samsung Series 3 Laptop.. I am one happy lady :)



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Today is the first day of Spring.. Yay! I'm looking out of my Living room window as I type this and the sky is grey and the rain is falling. Where are the blue skies? The chirping birds? The sunshine? The rising temperatures?

I am a person that is very much affected by the weather. I wouldn't say that I suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but I do notice that if the weather is brighter then so is my mood. The past few weeks with the weather being so miserable and the fact that I haven't been feeling to great with all of these pregnancy symptoms, my mood has been very up and down.

I was once told by a doctor to 'fake it until I make it..' So I'm going to take that bit of advice and use it now. So Spring isn't really here yet. Instead of moaning about it I am going to jump on the bandwagon of making my Spring Goals. I'm going to plan all the things that I will be doing in a few weeks when the Sun will be shining and those birds will be waking me up in the morning with their songs.

1 - Keep fresh flowers in the house. 

2 - Make more time to visit my family. 

3 - Blog daily. 

4 - Find a pregnancy yoga class. 

5 - Take a walk every day. 

6 - Sort out all of my clothes. Donate what I don't wear. 

7 - DO NOT get my hair cut.. 

8 - Make sure James feels involved with the pregnancy & new baby. 

9 - Prepare James for starting school in September. 

10 - Take more bubble baths :)

11 - Try to read most nights before bed. 

12 - Enjoy Spring! 

What are your goals for Spring? I'd love to hear them. 


Boy Or Girl? Gender Myths.


When I made my poll for my sidebar, regarding Peanut and whether they were a girl or a boy, it got me thinking about the old wives tales and myths that surround expectant Mummies and the sex of their babies. I've already had so many people tell me what gender they think I'm carrying based purely on my pregnancy symptoms.

So just for fun and because I am sat here trying to take my mind of my morning sickness, I figured that I would look at these myths and see based on them, whether Peanut is team blue or team pink..

MYTH: Baby girls' heart rates are faster than boys' heart rates.

At my last appointment with my Midwife, baby's heartbeat was 128 beats per minute. Apparently under 140 beats is a boy. 

MYTH: Carrying your baby high indicates a boy, while carrying low means you're having a girl.

I carried James really high. This time around my bump is low. So according to that I'm having a girl.

MYTH: If your body hair or nails grow faster during your pregnancy, you're having a baby boy. If hair and nails grow slower, you're carrying a girl.

Hair and nails are growing faster.. Hello bouncing baby boy.

MYTH: You are more likely to experience severe morning sickness if you are carrying a girl.

I've been moaning for long enough now about my morning sickness which is still going strong. Apparently that is all thanks to a baby girl. 

MYTH: Moms crave sour and salty foods with a baby boy and sweet foods with a baby girl.

I've kind of been craving both! The other day I asked Anthony to cook me some chips with loads of Salt but then most days I am craving Chocolate. I would say that the sweet cravings are more often though. So it's a girl.

MYTH: If your skin looks like it did in High School then you're carrying a girl.

Yep.. I feel like I am thirteen again... And not enjoying it. Thanks baby girl.

So based on the results it's 4-2 in favor of a girl... That's fine. One of each suits me :)

Now I just have to wait until the 8th of next month to put these myths to the test!

Don't forget to let me know what you think in my poll on my sidebar :)

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