Peanut - Week Thirteen

I'm popping in really quickly whilst I have a few minutes access to the Internet for my Peanut update. Hopefully my lack-of-Internet problem will be sorted soon.

Today is - Saturday, February 9th 2013

How far along - 13 weeks

Baby is the size of - A Tangerine

Total Weight Gain - My scales have broke so I have no idea! Last count was plus 10lb.

What's going on with baby - He/she is growing at 1 inch per week now and all the vital systems are fully developed.
The vocal cords are rapidly developing and underneath the gums are 20 little teeth!

What's going on with Mummy - Hello second trimester!!! Unfortunately I still have the horrible first trimester symptoms.. And can we say hormones!

Maternity clothing - Mostly normal tops but trousers are all either maternity or a bigger size.

Sleep - I'm still tired all the time but whereas I was sleeping all through the night, I'm now sleeping for about 4 hours and then awake for half the night.. Boo to that.. I'm having to go to the toilet at least twice during the night and also this week the pregnancy nightmares have started.

Movement - Nope although I think my mind is starting to play tricks on me.

Food cravings/Aversions - I. Want. Carbohydrates. Enough said..

Symptoms - My morning sickness has been on and off again but mostly on! It is always there but sometimes worse than other times.

My heartburn has kicked up a gear again. I'm am going through Renee's like its my job.

My hormones seem to have come out of nowhere. Today I have randomly started crying 4 times.. I never cry so this is a bit of a shock to me and something that I never experienced when I was pregnant with James.

How is this pregnancy different from the first - The crazy hormones and the tears!

Best moments - James is now on half term break from school which means no rushing in the mornings!
I have my scan on Friday and I cannot wait!

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