Fab Friday.

It's been a few weeks since I've been able to post a Fab Friday so I have a few Fab Things to catch up on :)

I've already blogged about James' birthday but it was that Fab that it has to be mentioned again! James keeps telling everyone that will listen that he is now four years old..

We have lots of birthday cake left over.. That in itself for a pregnant woman is something to be celebrated..

On Monday I will be 15 weeks pregnant. It's another 6 weeks until my next ultrasound but next week I have an appointment with my midwife so I'll be able to hear the heartbeat.

I am loving my Fab little baby bump :)

I have a quiet, relaxing weekend planned. I overdone it yesterday and am paying for it today, plus my house looks like a tornado just went through it.. I plan to spend time cleaning, resting, knitting, reading & playing with James.. We have lots of new toys to try out!

And to end here are a few iPhone photos. I've sucked at taking photos lately and I miss it.. Next week the camera will make an appearance again.


  1. I'm visiting from the Fab Friday link up. Love your pics! The one of your son looking at your belly ... awwww! So sweet! ♥

  2. I was wondering where you got to :)


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