The past two weeks I have found myself in a bit of a... Funk.. I guess is the best word. I think it is a mixture of hormones, morning sickness, tiredness and the fact that I am unable to do a lot of the things that I love to do.

Without the Internet, I cannot blog as much as I want to. I said it before but it's true, blogging is more than just a hobby for me. Writing is how I sort through the jumble of thoughts that I have going through my mind. It's how I figure things out. Not being able to do this makes me feel like my head is filled with just a mess of ideas, thoughts and plans.

I've been stuck in the house a lot. Many women know that the first trimester takes everything out of you and I've let it get the better of me. The past three days I have forced myself to leave the house though. I have visited friends and family and it felt good.

I am determined to pull myself out of my little hole that I've dug myself. I need to to focus on the positives..

I'm in the second trimester now so I *should* start feeling better soon..

Spring will be here before we know it.. Nicer weather makes me happy :)

I'm not going to be without the Internet forever. Pretty soon I will I will be back to blogging everyday.

Now I'm off to read my 14,000 Reasons To Be Happy. If that doesn't turn my mood around then nothing will :)

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