Dear Snow.

Dear Snow..

When you came to visit us in January, I won't lie, it was fun. Snow days, little red cheeks enjoying sledging, hot chocolate snuggled under blankets. I loved it all, even if I did nearly fall and break my pregnant neck a few times..

As much fun as it was though I was pleased when after about ten days you disappeared. I could finally walk outside without feeling like Bambi-On-ice, clinging onto Anthony for dear life.

Well then imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning, opened my bedroom curtains and was greeted by a few inches of the white fluffy stuff covering the ground, whilst big fat flakes still fell from the sky. I understand that it's February and technically still Winter but come on, this is England. We get rain and maybe one snow day a year if we're lucky.. Why the big change all of a sudden?

I would really appreciate it if you could maybe have a word with Spring and ask her when she plans on making an appearance? And maybe you could also stay away for the rest of this year?

With much love and thanks!
A pregnant housewife that is now stuck in the house. xx

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