Today James turned four years old.

Did you know that four years is 208 weeks.. Or 1,460 days. I have spent most of today wondering how my little guy, turned into this big four year old so quickly. Five minutes ago he was lying in his moses basket and now he's this big person with such a massive personality that its scary.

Today has held lots of emotions.. Mostly happy but a little bit sad too. It's going so quickly.

He got to have the day off from Nursery and this afternoon he had a small Pizza Tea with his friends. Several times today he has come over to me and said.. "Mummy, this is the best birthday ever.."

It was simple but he loved it.

Now I have a very tired four year old that needs to go to bed. Tonight I think I will spend an extra few minutes snuggling with him.. Before I know it he will be five!

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