Sunday Randoms.

Most of Saturday was spent outside of the house, shopping, running errands and visiting friends. Today we've spent at home. I have some energy back and the past two days my morning sickness has been kind to me, whether that is the medication or the fact that I am 9 weeks and maybe turning at corner? Who knows, but I'll take what little energy I can get and run like mad.. I have mopped floors, polished furniture, bleached sides and loaded the dishwasher three times already.

This morning whilst I was mooching around on Facebook I came across a link for a cleaning blog.. Now I am a sucker for a good cleaning schedule. This blog looks like it could be right up my street..

Anthony is trying to find a new hobby.

The first thing he is trying? Home made wine.. We've lost quite a lot of time this morning starting at this watching the bubbles. It's a slow process though and we're going to be staring at this same glass jar for four more weeks.

Something else I keep staring at?

The belly.. Not my feet.

Last night I spent hours on the computer trying to find reasonably priced Maternity wear. I don't think it exists. In the end I got so frustrated I went onto Sports Direct and ordered several pairs of sweat pants and Cargo pants. It will be so nice to be able to wear clothes that don't dig into my stomach every time I sit down.

Tomorrow we are off to the hospital so I can have a needle stuck in my arm and blood taken. Not my favorite way to spend the day but Anthony has assured me that we can go to MacDonalds afterwards, or as James calls it.. Old MacDonalds.

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