Internet Woes.

For months we've been having problems with our telephone & Internet provider. I've lost count of the amount of phone calls & letters that have been exchanged and in the end Anthony got so frustrated he cancelled our contract with them.. Which is all well and good but now I am without the Internet, which is like Santa delivering his presents without his trusty sleigh....

I have the Internet on my phone but it is slow and unpredictable so I'm not expecting great things from it. I have a plan though :) Whilst James is in Nursery I have 2 hours to kill so you will now find me in the coffee shop that offers free wifi with your cup of coffee.. So hopefully you won't be missing me too much around here :)

And on a completely unrelated note. Today my clothes order arrived.. It is so nice to sit in trousers that are not digging into my ever expanding waist line.. Whoever said you show quicker with your second wasn't lying!

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