Fab Friday.

Due to my lack of wifi at home I am trying to type this on my iPhone using Safari so I have no idea if it's going to post correctly or if the Fab Friday button will work so I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.. We shall see..

This week has not been kind to me so I've sat here struggling to think of some Fab things that I could tell you about. Then I realised that it can't have all been bad! So I am determined to take these lemons that I've been handed and turn them into some kind of Lemonade..

On Wednesday morning I ended up in A&E with James. He was discharged at lunch time but by 6pm that evening we had to call an ambulance out.. The Fab news is that his temperature has come down. He's still not himself but he's slowly getting there.. 

I received all of the new clothes I ordered last weekend! Oh how lovely it is to be comfortable again.. :) j

Whilst I was out shopping at the beginning of the week I found a Rocky Road Desert that I brought and put in the freezer.. I think I may have a date with it tonight! 

Ok.. So that might not have been my best Fab Friday ever but I didn't say the Lemonade was going to be drinkable :) I'll be back tomorrow though for Peanuts ten week update. 

Now lets just hope this publishes ok.. 


  1. Hey, some weeks just aren't fab, are they? But so awesome that you're trying to look at the bright side of things. :) Hope next week is kinder to you!

  2. Oops, forgot to say that I'm visiting from the Fab Friday link-up. :)

  3. Oh, man, that's dedication, posting from your iPhone! I don't have much patience for that. Hehe. Hope you have a great weekend and week coming up!


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