January 2013 | Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet


Before I had James I suffered from five miscarriages. Five times I felt the excitement of knowing a baby was growing inside of me and five times I sat crying in the bathroom whilst I lost those little lives. So many times I wanted to give up trying to have a baby. Afraid that once again I would get excited and start dreaming of the little one that I would hold in a few short months. I kept going though and eventually James came along. My perfect little miracle.

When I found out I was pregnant again in December, in the back of my mind I had all the thoughts of my miscarriages but I kept pushing them away, refusing to let them to the surface. James was okay so why wouldn't this pregnancy be fine too. I refused to think any thoughts that weren't positive.

Until yesterday. Yesterday all those thoughts came rushing to the surface and exploded out whilst I was in the doctors surgery doubled over with stomach cramps. One minute I was walking around the shops fine, about to go and collect James from School and the next minute I was holding onto Anthony for dear life whilst spasms ripped through my stomach every other minute. Each lasting for about 30 seconds. In those moments my mind went there. To that dark place where I've been five times before. At nearly twelve weeks pregnant I thought it was all over.

The doctor was great. She saw me straight away and went to get a Doppler, telling me that they normally can't hear a heartbeat with them until around thirteen weeks, so not to panic if she couldn't find it.. She wiggled it around.. First she found my heartbeat and then after moving the wand to the other side of my stomach, there it was.. The beautiful woosh woosh sound of Peanuts beautiful heart beating away.

I've now been put on bed rest for a while. We're not sure what caused the cramps but with my history we cannot be too careful. As much as I hate being stuck in one place, unable to do anything.. If I have to lie here for the next six months then that's what I'll do. Knowing that Peanut is safe in there at the moment with her little heart doing just what it should be is the best feeling in the world.


Say Hello Link Up!

This is a ONE DAY ONLY link-up!

The rules:

1. Grab the button from Laura's Blog. Simply copy and paste the code above into a post of your own.

2. Answer the questions in your post.

3. Link up over at Laura's Blog.

4. Hop around and find new friends!

The Questions and answers! 

1. What blogs do you visit daily? Please list 1-3 of your favorites.

Most days I go through my Google Reader and read as much as I've got time to but regularly I visit Kelle Hampton's blog, Laura's blog and also Rachel Martin's Blog. 

2. Are you on Instagram? If so, what is your user name?

I sure am! My username is liane_bayliss - I love Instagram and is one of the biggest reasons I only lasted one month with a Blackberry! 

3. Can we find you on Pinterest? What's your Pinterest address, and what can we expect to see you pinning most? (recipes, DIY projects, home decor, etc.)

I try to stay off Pinterest otherwise I could loose hours or possibly days on there. On the occassions I do end up on there I end up pinning things like house decor, desert ideas and hair tutorials. 

4. What are your favorite blog link-ups to participate in? (weekly link-ups other bloggers have...any number will do...please link us to them!)

I always try to link up with Laura and her Fab Friday.  
Before I lost my wifi at home I would also try and link up with Carissa and Miscellany Monday. 

5. Why do you blog?

I love writing and have done from a very young age, although back then it was in little notebooks. For me blogging clears my mind. If I'm having a bad day or I'm stressed about something then writing about it helps me sort through it. 
Off course there is the added benefit that I am documenting James' life and now my pregnancy with Peanut and eventually his/her life.. It will be something that my children can look back on in years to come.
When I was pregnant with James I didn't have this blog and now doing Peanut's weekly updates I am sad about the fact that I don't have the same thing for James' pregnancy to look back on. 

6. Tell us one random fact about yourself.

I love Cheese ;) Seriously.. I could eat it by the block. I do believe I may have been a mouse in my past life... 


Baby Shower!

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Yesterday was my Sisters Baby Shower... 

I don't have a lot of time so there are photos and not a lot of words.... 

Apparently she was very surprised & shocked. We obviously kept it hidden well :)


Peanuts Update - Week Eleven

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Today is - Saturday, January 26, 2013

How far along - 11 weeks

Baby is the size of - A fig

Total Weight Gain - 10lb already!

What's going on with baby - This week blood begins circulating through Peanuts body and the Placenta starts to work! Little tooth buds are forming under the gums and his/her bones are beginning to harden.

What's going on with Mummy - One of my pregnant apps on my phone says that I may start feeling warmer now due to all the extra blood flow.. The last few nights I have been so hot and kicking the covers off even though its -5 degrees outside.

Maternity clothing - None of my pre- pregnancy jeans fit anymore. Yesterday morning I squeezed into a pair and it looked like I had been poured into them and left to set.. I lasted about 10 minutes before I was so uncomfortable. I wearing a lot of Cargo pants and my maternity jeans. Normal tops just in a bigger size.

Sleep - I literally cannot get enough. It's weird for me because I've always been a morning person but now I could sleep all morning.. If I didn't have a three year old pulling me out of bed off course.

Movement - A few times this week I've stopped and thought.. "What's that?" I doubt it's anything baby related though.. It's probably me just wishing it was the baby!

Food cravings/Aversions - I have craved sweet stuff this week.. Cookies, chocolate.. You name it.. If its bad for you then I want it.

Symptoms - My morning sickness had been on and off this week.. Tuesday and Thursday I didn't take any anti nausea medication!! I still feel nauseous everyday but it hasn't been all day long.. I've probably jinxed myself now!

My heartburn seems to have calmed down too although the tiredness has stepped up a notch.. Swings and roundabout :)

Oh and I cannot make it through it the night without having to pee!

How is this pregnancy different from the first - With James I had no hint of a bump until I was 20 weeks and even then it wasn't obvious that I was pregnant. Not once did I have someone stop me and ask me how far along I was etc.. This time I am starting to show already :)

Best moments of this week - James has been so loving this week, wanting to snuggle lots! He's also so funny! I am loving this age :)


Fab Friday.


Yes. I am posting this from my iPhone once again! 
Our new provider let us down so we are currently searching for a new broadband service. 
I can't miss this link up though so here goes.... 

This week my morning sickness has been so-so..
Monday was awful but Tuesday was fantastic. 
Wednesday was okay and yesterday I spent nearly all afternoon asleep..
The Fab part is that I haven't felt nauseous 24/7 as I have done in previous weeks..
It's more like 19/7 now :)

Another Fab thing is my husband! 
He let me sleep all Thursday afternoon..
He has been doing the school run for me for the past two days partly because I'm terrified of
falling in the snow and partly because I've hurt both my legs.. 
He's been great though... 

I spent Tuesday & Wednesday feathering my nest..
I have several jobs that I want to get done over the next few weeks
but I started with painting all the internal doors and glossing the woodwork. 

My Sisters Baby Shower is tomorrow! 
She has no idea that it is happening. 

And lastly.. I have started organising James' birthday tea! 
I've ordered him a gluten free birthday cake in a Power Rangers design. 
I cannot wait to see his face when he sees it :) 

I hope you all have a Fab weekend! 


Pregnancy Survival Tip #1

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Sometimes when you are pregnant and in the first trimester, some days you are lucky if you manage to make it off the couch.. It's a massive achievement if you actually put proper clothes on.. And your husband passes out in shock if you cook dinner two nights in a row.. Wait.. That's just my husband?

So when you think that you've forgotten what make up is and what it feels like to look presentable and you're pretty sure that you're never going to look hot again what do you do?

Get yourself a nice new haircut off course!!

Trust me.. Sitting in the salon for an hour whilst a nice girl washed my hair, then another one cut it and then styled it made me feel like a million pounds.. I wonder if hubby will let me do this once a week ?


Miscellany Monday.

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miscellany monday at lowercase letters

Write random and head over to Carissa's Blog to join in..

1 - I am going to be honest and admit that not having the Internet at home is really starting to frustrate me! I am having to post this once again from my iPhone. Normally if my phone is connected to the Wifi then it's fast.. When it's not, it's slow slow slow.. It takes several attempts to publish a post if it even publishes at all.. Tomorrow we find out from our new broadband provider when our new service starts.. I hope the date they give us is days away rather than weeks.

2 - Here in England we normally get snow once a year and it last for a few hours, adults complain and kids get to make a snowman before it all melts.. Not this year though.. It has pretty much been snowing since Friday. The weather reporters are calling it the "Beast From the East".. Something to do with a cold front coming in from Russia. Schools are closed today and it makes me laugh that we get a few inches of the white stuff and the country comes to a stand still.

3 - I took a few months off from writing my book. I needed to concentrate on some other things. I started again this weekend and although it took me a while to get back into the swing of it, I am glad that firstly I took the time off that I needed and even happier that I've started again. Now I just need to get myself into a routine.

4 - I have some photos on my phone to post but I'm going to have to do it at the end of this because it won't let me post them as and where I want to when using phone.

5 - Oh and lastly.. Not very newsworthy but I CAN NOT STOP EATING.. Ten weeks pregnant and I'm apparently eating for four..

I hope you're all having a great Monday!


Peanut - Week Ten


Today is: Saturday, January 19th 2013

How far along: 10 weeks

Baby is the size of: A kumquat.. I have no idea what that is!

What's going on with Baby: All of the major organs have finished developing and baby now starts to get a lot bigger! She/he is now swallowing and urinating and is also kicking up a storm although its unlikely I will feel anything yet. All the webbing between the fingers and toes have disappeared and Peanut can now bend his wrists and ankles.

What's going on with Mummy: My uterus has gone from the size of a pear to the size of a grapefruit.

Maternity Clothing: I brought my first pair of maternity jeans this week although I haven't worn them yet. This week I have lived in sweat pants because of their elasticated waist.

Sleep: I haven't napped during the day this week and by 6pm I am so so tried. I find it hard to wake up in the morning, which I've never had a problem with before.

Movement: Nope. A bit too early for that but I am getting so excited about feeling those first flutters :)

Food Cravings/Aversions: I can't plan food in advance because it might sound good at the time but a couple of hours later it will probably disgust me.

Symptoms: Pretty much the same.. Nausea 24/7 and on off heartburn and bloating.

I'm having some wicked mood swings though! Thanks hormones...

How is this pregnancy different from the first: So far I would say just the nausea being worse.

Best moments this week: This week has been pretty bad to be honest. James has been unwell and my moods have been up and down like a yo-yo.. Finally getting some clothes that fit cheered me up :)


Fab Friday.


Due to my lack of wifi at home I am trying to type this on my iPhone using Safari so I have no idea if it's going to post correctly or if the Fab Friday button will work so I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.. We shall see..

This week has not been kind to me so I've sat here struggling to think of some Fab things that I could tell you about. Then I realised that it can't have all been bad! So I am determined to take these lemons that I've been handed and turn them into some kind of Lemonade..

On Wednesday morning I ended up in A&E with James. He was discharged at lunch time but by 6pm that evening we had to call an ambulance out.. The Fab news is that his temperature has come down. He's still not himself but he's slowly getting there.. 

I received all of the new clothes I ordered last weekend! Oh how lovely it is to be comfortable again.. :) j

Whilst I was out shopping at the beginning of the week I found a Rocky Road Desert that I brought and put in the freezer.. I think I may have a date with it tonight! 

Ok.. So that might not have been my best Fab Friday ever but I didn't say the Lemonade was going to be drinkable :) I'll be back tomorrow though for Peanuts ten week update. 

Now lets just hope this publishes ok.. 



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Today I've spent at the hospital with James and this evening we had to call an ambulance out to him..

He's a poorly boy with an 104 degree temperature :(


Internet Woes.

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For months we've been having problems with our telephone & Internet provider. I've lost count of the amount of phone calls & letters that have been exchanged and in the end Anthony got so frustrated he cancelled our contract with them.. Which is all well and good but now I am without the Internet, which is like Santa delivering his presents without his trusty sleigh....

I have the Internet on my phone but it is slow and unpredictable so I'm not expecting great things from it. I have a plan though :) Whilst James is in Nursery I have 2 hours to kill so you will now find me in the coffee shop that offers free wifi with your cup of coffee.. So hopefully you won't be missing me too much around here :)

And on a completely unrelated note. Today my clothes order arrived.. It is so nice to sit in trousers that are not digging into my ever expanding waist line.. Whoever said you show quicker with your second wasn't lying!


Sunday Randoms.

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Most of Saturday was spent outside of the house, shopping, running errands and visiting friends. Today we've spent at home. I have some energy back and the past two days my morning sickness has been kind to me, whether that is the medication or the fact that I am 9 weeks and maybe turning at corner? Who knows, but I'll take what little energy I can get and run like mad.. I have mopped floors, polished furniture, bleached sides and loaded the dishwasher three times already.

This morning whilst I was mooching around on Facebook I came across a link for a cleaning blog.. Now I am a sucker for a good cleaning schedule. This blog looks like it could be right up my street..

Anthony is trying to find a new hobby.

The first thing he is trying? Home made wine.. We've lost quite a lot of time this morning starting at this watching the bubbles. It's a slow process though and we're going to be staring at this same glass jar for four more weeks.

Something else I keep staring at?

The belly.. Not my feet.

Last night I spent hours on the computer trying to find reasonably priced Maternity wear. I don't think it exists. In the end I got so frustrated I went onto Sports Direct and ordered several pairs of sweat pants and Cargo pants. It will be so nice to be able to wear clothes that don't dig into my stomach every time I sit down.

Tomorrow we are off to the hospital so I can have a needle stuck in my arm and blood taken. Not my favorite way to spend the day but Anthony has assured me that we can go to MacDonalds afterwards, or as James calls it.. Old MacDonalds.


Peanut - Week 9

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Today is: Saturday, January 12th 2013

How far along: 9 weeks.

Baby is the size of: A grape

What's going on with Baby: This week the heart finishes dividing into the four chambers and the valves start to form. The tail has completely gone and the external sex organs are there but can not be identified for a few more weeks yet. Babies eyes are fully formed but won't open until around 26 weeks.

What's going on with Mummy: According to babycenter.com mood swings are common around this stage.. Ummmm.. Yep.. One minute I am as high as a kite and the next minute I am so angry!

Maternity Clothing: I have a shopping date on Monday to get some trousers. Today though I had to go and buy some new bras.

Sleep: I cannot get enough sleep at the moment. No matter how well I sleep at night I am still so tired.

Movement: Nope. A bit too early for that but I am getting so excited about feeling those first flutters :)

Food Cravings/Aversions: I am still struggling to find food that sounds appetizing. When I was pregnant with James I couldn't stand the sight of chocolate and craved meat. This time around, so far I don't really have any cravings although I am choosing foods loading with Carbs without even realising it.

Symptoms: Can we say Nausea?? It wasn't half as bad as this with James.. Maybe I'm having a girl? I ended up at the doctors this week begging her for some anti nausea medication. I got a prescription and it seems to be helping so far. It is definitely talking the edge of my queasiness.

The bloating and heart burn are still coming and going but they seem to be better than they were.

How is this pregnancy different from the first: So far I would say just the nausea being worse.

Best moments this week: Finally getting some medication to help me. Now I can kind of function like a normal person.
I had my first appointment with my midwife. She's nice!
I received the date for my 12 week scan, although the date they sent is the February 15th which means that I will be 13 weeks and 6 days.. Instead of moaning that I am going to have to wait two more weeks than most people, I am going to look on the bright side and say.. "Hey, the baby will be a little bit more developed!"


Fab Friday.


It's Friday which means one thing! Fab Friday with Laura

1 - Yesterday the doctor finally agreed to prescribe me some medication for my morning sickness. 
I was so happy I could've kissed her right there in the surgery. 
I came home and took one right away, an hour later I was able to eat a meal!
Fingers crossed they keep working! 

2 - Anthony has been so fantastic about helping around the house and taking over nearly all of the chores. Yesterday I was in tears because I felt so bad. I don't think he realised until then how ill I was actually feeling. He's been amazing.

3 - We have a family day out planned for Monday. We're going shopping for Maternity clothes, then out for lunch. It's been ages since we have a day out all together so I cannot wait! 

Whats fab in your world?

Meningitis Awareness & Symptoms.

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I remember that I was seven years old and my little Sister, Aimee, had just turned five. We were walking home from school and I remember Aimee telling our Mum that her legs hurt and that she felt cold. I don't remember much else from that evening, apart from the fact that it quickly became clear that Aimee wasn't well. Everyone presumed that she just had a virus.

The next morning I was sent off to school whilst Aimee stayed at home with my Mum who was six months pregnant at the time. I remember we had a school trip that day, although I can't remember where too. Before we left on the coach I made Aimee a Get Well Soon card and left it in my tray ready to take home that evening.

Later that afternoon when my class returned to school, Mrs Cousins, the Head Mistress, took me to one side and told me that I would be going home with Taesha Davis and her Mum. I asked her why and she told me to just do as I was told and that I would see my Mum later. At seven years old I didn't really think about it or question it. Whilst we were walking home, my Mum's partner at the time drove past in the car and stopped to pick me up. Apparently now I wasn't going to Taesha's house, I was going home. I asked him where Mum was and he told me that he would explain everything when we got home. I can remember that he brought me a bar of dark chocolate. Now, I am a chocaholic but that was the first time I had ever tried dark chocolate. I didn't like it but I sensed that something was wrong so I ate it anyway.

When we got home, he told me that Aimee had been taken to hospital and that Mum was with her. He told me that she had Meningitis and was very very poorly. I had never heard of Meningitis before. He asked me to go and get Aimee's baby doll so I could give it to her at the hospital.

I don't remember the journey to the hospital. I do remember walking into Intensive Care in the Children Ward and seeing Aimee. She was lying on the bed surrounded by tubes and machines. I remember hearing the bleeping of the machines, the nurses bustling around, my Mum so scared but trying to be brave..

I later learned that whilst I was at school Mum had phoned the doctors to order some more Calpol for Aimee, still thinking that she just had a virus, but when Mum explained the symptoms over the phone to the doctor, she was told her to bring Aimee to the surgery straight away. By the time she got there an Ambulance was already waiting to take Aimee to the hospital. Because the doctor recognized the symptoms straight away and got Aimee to the hospital so quickly her life was saved.. Another hour later and Aimee wouldn't have been so lucky.  

I'm writing this today because a few weeks ago, one of James' little friends lost his life to the same disease that nearly cost my Sister her life all those years ago. Jayden's Mum is now trying to raise awareness of the symptoms so that hopefully lives can be saved.

I've put together the symptoms for Babies & Toddlers and also for Children & Teenagers. Although the symptoms are very similar for both there are a few differences.

Please please please make sure that you are familiar with the symptoms of this disease. Aimee was so lucky in that not only did she survive but she had no lasting health issues. So many people loose limbs, their hearing or their sight through this awful illness. Time is the key. The quicker the disease is recognized and treated the better the chances of survival are.



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I first heard about Shayleigh's story through Megan. It touched my so deeply that I asked Megan if I could also share her story here.

A few weeks ago it was discovered that two year old Shayleigh had a brain tumor. Since the doctors made the discovery Shayleigh has undergone surgery and had the tumor removed and the great news is that it is NOT cancerous! I cannot imagine the relief her parents must feel at that news. The not-so-great news is that Shayleigh is having problems post-surgery.
She is unable to eat or talk. Although she understands thing she is unable to vocalize them. She spends a lot of her days sleeping. Her Mum has updated her blog with updates of Shayleigh since the Surgery, which you can follow by clicking here.

Shayleigh and her family have left the hospital and are now at a Pediatric Rehab Facility about three hours away from their home. Here Shayleigh can receive the best specialist care to aid her recovery.

Megan has posted a request on her blog and now I am doing the same. We are asking if people could send cards, letters, drawings that your children do, anything to let her family know that little Shayleigh is in our thoughts and we are all wishing her a speedy recovery.

If you would like to take part in this then please contact me at forthoselittlemoments@hotmail.com

Thank you in advance.


28 in 2013


Instead of making New Year resolutions, which come February I would have forgotten all about, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon of making a list of goals for 2013. I've gone for 28 goals, since in August I will turn 28.. {Insert scared face here..} 

Please note that Anthony insisted that I put number 14 in... 

28 in 2013

1 - Read 15 new books
2 - Grow my hair out
3 - Finish writing my book
4  - Decorate James' bedroom
5 - Start an Etsy account
6 - Sell my knitted baby blankets on etsy
7 - Spend time reading to James everyday
8 - Improve Photography skills
9 - Keep improving on my eating
10 - Keep on top of the laundry
11 - Give birth!
12 - Start my diploma in Child Psychology
13 - Go for a walk everyday during pregnancy
14 - Cook Anthony a Curry & Lasagna from scratch
15 - Go away for a long weekend
16 - Learn how to make Jam's & preserves
17 - Give up chocolate for Lent
18 - Go to the beach
19 - Teach James how to swim
20 - Breastfeed the baby for at least six months
21 - Get discharged from the Dietitians
22 - Work on the front garden
23 - Eat fruit
24 - Try five new cuisines
25 - Find a Yoga class
26 - Go to London
27 - Take weekly bump photos
28 - Stop worrying!! 

What are your goals for this year?


Peanut - 8 Weeks

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Today is - Saturday January 5, 2012

How far along - 8 weeks today.

Total weight gain - still at 5lbs  

Baby is the size of - A large raspberry

Whats going on with baby - Peanut now measures about 1.6cm. His embryonic tail is just about gone, and all his organs, muscles and nerves are beginning to function. In his brain, nerve cells are branching out to connect with one another, forming primitive neural pathways. Peanuts hands now bend at the wrist, and his feet are starting to lose their webbed appearance. His eyelids cover more of his eyes and taste buds are forming on his tongue. 

What going on with Mummy - Your pregnancy is changing your figure as well. Your breasts may have grown large enough that you'll need bigger bras with better support than your old ones.  - Yep! 

You may notice your waistline expanding as well, forcing you to pack away your favorite jeans until next year. - Yep!

Maternity clothing - Nope. Although I have a shopping date a week on Monday to go and get some maternity trousers.

Sleep - Still sleeping loads. 

Movement - Too soon.

Food Cravings/Aversions - The thought of food still disgusts me. Nothing seems appealing. 

Symptoms - The nausea is still relentless. It starts about 30 minutes after I wake up and doesn't go away until I go to sleep. I have developed a new symptom.. The metallic taste in my mouth. Yeah, not a fan off that. 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - The nausea is worse this time around by 100 times. I'm more tired as well but that's probably because this time I have a three year old to run around after.

Best moments this week - Finally kicking myself up the behind and refusing to feel sorry for myself.. I'm looking forward to my first midwife appointment on Wednesday :)


Fab Friday


I have sucked at Blogging this week. There I admitted it.. 
So I am getting back into the swing of things with Laura's Fab Friday. 
Do you want to celebrate the good things going on in your life? Head over to her blog and link up :)

1 - I am excited for James to go back to Nursery on Monday. 
He is so bored being at home, he misses the structure, routine and his friends and I can tell 
that he is getting bored after 2.5 weeks of being on Christmas holidays. 
Every day he asks me when he can go back to school. 

2 - My nausea is still 24/7 and is still kicking my butt. That is not fab but three days ago I gave myself
a stern talking to.. I cannot spend the rest of my first trimester lying on the sofa, feeling 
sorry for myself so since then I've been doing little things around the house, cooking and cleaning. 
I still feel like poop but at least most days I am now managing to get dressed.. :)

3 - I made a few subtle changes to my blog this week.. New tabs and a new header (thanks to the lovely Ivy over at Little Woman, Little Home) There is still so much that I want to do to my 
little blog so stay tuned!

4 - Today I am going to make my 28 in 2013 goal list! I've stolen the idea from Laura - {Don't worry, I checked with her first!} I'm going to post it here on Sunday as tomorrow is Peanuts 8 week update. 

5 - Tomorrow I am 8 weeks pregnant! 
That makes me want to do a little dance :)

Have a great weekend! 

New Year.

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This weekend has been a complete blogging fail for me. My review of 2012 is still half written in my drafts and considering today is January 1st, lets call a spade a spade and be honest, it's probably too late to post it now anyway. The whole point of a New Year is too look forward and not backwards so posting it after December 31st doesn't seem right.

My weekend and New Year has pretty much looked liked this..

{Snuggles with James & Sniffing Lemons.. 
At this point I'll try anything to help with the nausea}

About two hours ago I gave myself a swift kick up the backside. I've let my horrendous morning sickness get to me. I've let it control my phobia, my eating, my mood, pretty much everything. So I've spent the last hour sorting some things out on my blog.. Thanks to the wonderful Ivy over at Little Woman, Little Home, I now have a new header and I've added some Tabs at the top of the page. There are a few other changes I plan to make in the next few weeks but nothing too dramatic.

Happy New Year! Here's to 2013 being a great year. 

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