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2013 - A Year In Review.

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It's New Years Eve! Every year since I fell pregnant with James we do the same thing for NYE.. We eat Pizzas and watch DVD's. Generally I end up falling asleep on the sofa around 10.30pm and Anthony wakes me at ten minutes before midnight so we can see the new year in together. By twelve-fifteen we are tucked up in bed. I like our tradition :)

Okay, I am jumping on the bandwagon of reviewing 2013. I failed at this last year due to morning sickness with Emilie so this year I am determined to finish this one.


I made my 28 in 2013 goal list. As
 we saw the other day, I only accomplished 11 of them. 
We had to call an ambulance out for James who scared the living daylights out of me.. 
My Sister had a surprise Baby Shower
& I ended up on bed rest after Emilie gave us a scare. 


I started on February in a bit of a slump. 
I was tired and fed up of morning sickness. 
We had another bout of snow. The beginning three months of this year 
I saw more snow than at any other time of my life. 
I had my 12 week scan! 
James turned four years old!


After two months without the internet,
it finally got re-connected. 
Posting from an iPhone is not fun. 
My sister gave birth to her beautiful Baby Girl
& we found out that Peanut was a Girl! 


I wrote about things I have learnt about being pregnant 
We found out which School James would be attending in September.
 & I fell down the stairs... Again.. 


I started (& finished!) the Blog Everyday In May Challenge. 
I wrote about Emetophobia


I started of June trying to decide on a hospital birth or a home birth.
I participated in the last "Fab Friday" link up. 
I spent a day un-plugged. 


James ended up in hospital and ended up being diagnosed with Epilepsy. 
England experienced hits hottest heatwave in something like a million years. 
I turned 37 weeks pregnant
Emilie Victoria Elsie
made her appearance at 37 weeks and 1 day! 


Anthony & I celebrated five years of marriage & I turned
I discovered how amazing sibling love is.
Then I spent two nights in hospital with Emilie. 


I realised that I had pretty much sucked at blogging since Emilie had arrived. 


I spent pretty much the whole month battling a baby girl that wouldn't stop screaming. 
We celebrated Halloween


This month started off with everyone battling a cold/flu/tonsillitis.. 
I realised everything that I had to be thankful for. 
& started thinking about Christmas traditions.


We received the photos from the shoot. 
(which by the way I still cannot stop looking at!) 
I changed my domain name to www.rosycheeksmuddyfeet.com 
\We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of four! 

Woah.. What a crazy year! 
Bring it 2014. 


Emilie - Five Months Old.

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Five months! Here we go! 

Emilie is still in size three nappies and at her last weight check she was 14lb 6oz, that was a couple of weeks ago though. Her next appointment is on the 7th of January so I'll have a more up to date weight then. She is mostly wearing 3-6 months clothes although a couple of 0-3 month outfits still fit. 

Eating - Emilie has always been up and down with her milk. One day she loves it and cannot get enough and the next I'm fighting with her at every feed to get her to take any. It's quite a change after having a baby that would finish every drop in the bottle at every feed. On a good day she will take 5 bottles each with 7oz. This month because of her love/hate relationship with milk I started a little introduction to solids. She only has a few spoonfuls at a time because I don't want her to drop her milk intake. So far she has tried, apple, pear, carrot, swede & cauliflower. Oh and broccoli too, which she hated. She seems to be doing quite well with it, I'm not pushing it. I'd rather she took milk than food. 

Sleeping -  Emilie is an angel at night. She is in bed between 6-6.30pm every night. I've tried to get her to stay up later but she just screams until I give in. Nine times out of ten that is her until 6.30am! At the beginning of this month she was waking between 4-5am for a small feed before going back to sleep until 7am ish, throughout the month though she has pushed it forward to 6.30am which I am not complaining about! James was a nightmare with night times so I am loving this! 

She still loves her daytime sleep but will still only sleep for 40 minutes at a time so she tends to have 3 or 4 naps a day. It seems my sleepy baby cannot stay awake for more than two hours. She is the complete opposite to how James was and this has been a complete learning curve for me.

Milestones - Emilie is now reaching for objects and holding onto her toys! I was so worried when she hit three months  old and wasn't showing any sign of hitting that milestone. This month she has come on leaps and bounds! 

She also rolled over for the first time! She had been so close for ages but just couldn't figure out what to do with that arm. Finally though, she figured it out. There was lots of clapping and cheering! 

Loves - Her brother, bath time, her purple activity bear, Mummy doing airplane, singing & being jiggled. 

Hates - Having her nappy changed, getting dressed, early evening, not being the center of attention, being confined in her pram. 

It's hard for me to believe that in just one month I will be sat here writing her six month update. Half a year! Where has that gone?

Happy five months Peanut! 

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28 in 2013 - Update.

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Back in January I made my 28 in 2013 list. At list of goals that I wanted to work towards in 2013. Did I complete all of them? Ha! Here's what I did do though. 

28 in 2013

1 - Read 15 new books - 
2 - Grow my hair out - 
3 - Finish writing my book
4  - Decorate James' bedroom
5 - Start an Etsy account
6 - Sell my knitted baby blankets on etsy
7 - Spend time reading to James everyday
8 - Improve Photography skills
9 - Keep improving on my eating
10 - Keep on top of the laundry
11 - Give birth!
12 - Start my diploma in Child Psychology
13 - Go for a walk everyday during pregnancy
14 - Cook Anthony a Curry & Lasagna from scratch
15 - Go away for a long weekend
16 - Learn how to make Jam's & preserves
17 - Give up chocolate for Lent
18 - Go to the beach
19 - Teach James how to swim
20 - Breastfeed the baby for at least six months
21 - Get discharged from the Dietitians
22 - Work on the front garden
23 - Eat fruit
24 - Try five new cuisines
25 - Find a Yoga class
26 - Go to London
27 - Take weekly bump photos
28 - Stop worrying!! 

11 out of 28.. Not too impressive. Some of these goals are half completed and some of them (breastfeeding) were out of my control.  Overall though I'm happy with what I did complete :)

Now onto a new year! 

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Five On Friday.


1 - For the first two hours after I woke up this morning I thought it was Thursday. It wasn't until I was listening to the radio and the presenter said that the station had received loads of texts & calls asking what day it was and announcing that it was indeed Friday that I realised I was a day behind. Not that I'm complaining because now it seems like a really short week. 

2 - I think this £10 art set that we got James for Christmas was the best money I have ever spent. He is constantly sat at the table drawing away. 

3 - Today I took the Christmas decorations down. I needed the space! All those new toys had to go somewhere. My living room now looks twice the size.. Now I just need to clean the rest of the house.. Sigh.. 

4 - Emilie is teething up a storm at the moment. Teething powder and gel has only been doing so much in pacifying her so today I brought some Bicci Pegs. So far she loves them. It's only been the past week or so that she is holding onto things so it's kind of awesome to watch her hold these Bicci pegs and try and get it into her mouth. 

5 - You would think that with having an older child I would be all clued up on the subject of weaning.. Apparently you can forget a lot in five years.. James was weaned early and quickly because of his awful reflux. Emilie has had tastes of some different food, things like, pears, carrot, cauliflower & Broccoli (not a fan!) She isn't keen on milk though, never has been, so I need to try and increase her solids slightly but not so much that she drops her milk. I cannot afford for her to take even less milk that she is taking at the moment! It's new to me to have a child that doesn't like milk, breast or formula. This afternoon I plan on doing some research and re-educating myself on weaning. 

It's Friday! (So I've been told!) Have a great weekend.. 

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I was right. The stress, the frustration, the tiredness. It was all worth it. I knew that it would be and come ten pm on Tuesday night, once James' bike had been put together, the presents were all wrapped and under the tree. The kids were both asleep in bed, I collapsed onto the sofa with a smile on my face. Up until then I hadn't really been excited about Christmas Day. More worried about getting everything done in time. But whilst I was getting ready for bed I felt excited. I couldn't wait for James to wake up with that excited look in his eyes, eager to go downstairs and see if Santa really had come. The look on his face when he opened the living room door was priceless.

Truth be told, Christmas wasn't perfect this year. Anthony has been battling tonsilitis for over a week now and spent a lot of the day in bed. Dinner never really happened for that reason and Emilie was teething up a storm.. The important bits were perfect though. An excited little boy, being together, playing, snuggling, laughing. 

I'm looking forward to the new year. New starts and seeing where 2014 and this crazy life takes us :)

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Randomness & A New Domain :)

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Does anyone else find the run up to Christmas more stressful than magical? Nope, just me then! I feel like the past two weeks have completely wiped me out. Having a bad cold hasn't helped but even now I'm over that I still feel tired and worked up. 

This morning at 9am I braved the supermarket for some last minute items.. It was rammed. According to one member of staff, when the doors opened at 8am it was bedlam with the car park already full. I'm glad that I finished the majority of the shopping last week. Twenty minutes this morning and I was done and so ready to go home. 

Off course, it will all be worth it on Wednesday. James has no idea that he is getting a bike for Christmas. The one he has now we brought off a friend and has stabilizers. This one is brand spanking new and such a 'big boy' bike. I cannot wait to put it together tomorrow night once he is asleep and then to see his face on Christmas morning. I know all the hard work and stress that I am feeling will be worth it. 

On a completely different note. I mentioned last week about getting a new blog design and changing the name of my little space here. I know I said that the URL wouldn't be changing just yet but on a whim I decided to trying purchasing a new domain.. The purchasing part was easy.. Linking it to my blogger account wasn't so plain sailing. It took hours and a lot of shouting at the computer for me to finally get it to work. The new URL is 

It's probably really easy to figure out the new name from that :) Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet. I fancied something different and with the new design (which I cannot wait to see!) I figured now would be a good time to also change the name. Hopefully along with the changes I can wave goodbye to my blogging slump... 

Okay.. One baby is in bed and the big brother is running around with just his jeans on, shouting that he is hungry.. One day, I am sure, I will miss these stressful weeks! 

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Five On Friday.

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1 - James is now on Christmas holidays from school! Truth be told he didn't go in this week at all due to him having the flu but now he's officially broken up! 
Hello Christmas! 

2 - I still cannot stop looking at the photos from the shoot that I received yesterday. 
Tomorrow I am going to get some printed and hung on the wall.. I still cannot decide which ones though! 

3 - My little space here on the big wide web is getting an overhaul. 
Last year I messaged Erin from Love Fun & Football letting her know that I was in the market for a new blog design and that I would be in contact.. Then I fell pregnant and well, life happened. It's no secret that since Emilie came along I've been in a bit of a blogging rut so I messaged Erin again and we're now in the process of working on a new design! I'm excited to spruce this place up a bit and hopefully kick start my love for blogging again! 

4 - Talking of my overhaul - I'm renaming my blog! For the time being the URL will still be www.forthoselittlemoments.blogspot.com, it will eventually change but not just yet. 
I'll let you all know the new name when I launch the new blog design! 

5 - I have finally made a start on wrapping the Christmas presents. For the past two weeks, everyday I have said that once the kids are in bed I'm going to wrap all the gifts.. Here we are just 5 days before the big day and it was only last night that I wrapped the first two presents. Oops! Tonight though I plan to hit it head on.. The good news is that yesterday I brought the final three gifts that I needed.. I have now finished shopping! Such a weight off my mind. 



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A few weeks ago my side of the family had a photo shoot. It was a lot of fun and we were all eager to see the photos when they were ready.. I couldn't go to the viewing but yesterday my sister went and picked up the final disks and I am not disappointed! 

Looking at these you wouldn't believe that Emilie cried her way through the whole shoot. I don't know if it was too many people, too much noise or an unknown place but nothing would calm her down. I'm actually surprised that we managed to get some nice photos of her! 

Now I have the difficult job of deciding which ones to print and hang on the wall.. If I had my way and enough wall space I'd print all 125 photos :) 

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