Trip To The Hospital.

Today did not go as expected.

I was walking to pick James up from Nursery at lunch time. One minute I'm fine. The next I am doubled over with stomach cramps. I managed to get James and then knowing that I would never make it all the way home I went to our friends house, by this point the pain was coming and going in waves, but it seemed to be a little better once I was sat down.

I originally had a doctors appointment booked for late this afternoon to get referred for an early scan but when this pain came I called the surgery and asked to be seen earlier. Morning clinic had finished but they said to come on down and someone would see me.

Ten minutes later I am sat with a doctor who is clearly pee'd off because I'd interrupted his lunch. He made it obvious he thought I was over reacting and that I shouldn't be bothering him. I explained that I'd had five previous miscarriages and still he didn't get it.

I pretty much left nearly in tears, came home and decided that I would just go to Accident & Emergency at the hospital. They were brilliant there. I had to wait for ages to be seen but they took me seriously. They asked questions, they done tests.

They believe that the pain is related to two things. My kidney infection that I had a couple of weeks ago hasn't completely gone so I have been prescribed more antibiotics. The doctor also said that because of my previous history with miscarriages and the fact that I have this pain that I should take it easy for a bit. Anthony has decided that I am to lie on the sofa and not move. If I even try to get up for anything other than to use the bathroom he gets mad and makes me sit down.. It's sweet really but I hate not being able to do anything.. I don't want to risk our precious little baby though so if I have to sit here for the next 8 months then that's what I'll do..

Please keep your fingers crossed for my little peanut..

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