Since last Thursday it feels like my brain has turned to mush. It constantly feels like my head is in the clouds surrounded by fog. I am so happy and excited but given my history with pregnancies I am nervous and scared. I am refusing to give those scary thoughts room in my brain though. I am going to think positive and know that this is going to all be perfect.

Given the brain fog though, today I bring you what I'm loving right about life right now.

I saw my Dietitian this morning and I've gained 5lb since my previous appointment. I am now 110 lbs which makes me so happy. I haven't weighed that for years. She was also very happy with my food diary. I always leave my appointments with her motivated to try even better for next time.

Being stuck in the house at the moment with this Kidney Infection and orders from the hospital to rest.. I spend a lot of time looking at this view..

Or this view...

I love that at the moment I have more time to spend knitting. Peanuts blanket is coming along.

I love that this is the first thing that I am making for him or her. In just 8 months time this will be wrapped around my baby. 

James was laying with me last night and he started rubbing my belly.. 

James - Mummy do you have a baby in your belly?
Me - Yes. 
James - What's his name?
Me - We need to find out of the baby is a boy or a girl first. 
James - I want to call him Ruby..

Ok then.. :)


  1. Aw, so sweet! I'm working a blanket right now too :)

  2. Hi Liane! Hopped over from ETST and love seeing little conversations between boys and their mothers. Anyway, Congrats on baby #2 and Happy Holidays!

  3. Awww that is so sweet of James!


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