Peanut - Week 5.

This week has flown by, which makes me happy happy happy. 

Today is - Deccember 15, 2012

How far along - 5 weeks exactly.

Total weight gain - At my dietitians appointment on Wednesday I was 112 lbs.  

Baby is the size of - An orange seed :)

Whats going on with baby - The heart begins to beat this week! The babies brain and spinal cord are also under construction!

What going on with Mummy - It still seems so surreal that I am pregnant. Finding out so early is both good and bad. Good because it means I got to start taking my medication early and can be monitored. Bad though because I have so much longer to wait till 12 weeks! A few times this week I've had "Wow, I'm pregnant!" moments. 

Maternity clothing - Nope although by the end of the day my jeans are too tight thanks 
to bloating. 

Sleep - I'm still getting tired quite easily. Yesterday afternoon I had a 30 minute power nap :)

Movement - Too soon.

Food Cravings/Aversions - I have done nothing but eat this week.. I finish a meal and start planning the next one. No aversions yet though. 

Symptoms - I'm still getting heart burn on and off throughout the day and also on off nausea which has been worse yesterday and today. I'm getting a lot of bloating too but I am eating like a horse so that probably explains that. 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - Bloating and heartburn are earlier this time and also I don't remember being this tired last time. 

Best moments this week - Getting through another week! Anthony letting me spend a few days resting because of my stomach cramps and kidney infection. Oh and the other night James was lying on the sofa with me rubbing my belly.. That was sweet. 

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