Is it possible to start nesting this early in pregnancy? :)

I've had more energy today than I've had in forever so after dropping James off at Nursery I came home, thawed out {it was -5 degrees} ate breakfast and then set to work. I completely gutted our bedroom. Since we moved into this house our room has been the basic dumping ground for anything that didn't have a home or we didn't know what to do with. The past few weeks it's really been annoying me so I figured why not just stop moaning about it and actually do something about it instead.

I got 8 bin bags of rubbish.. 8! I was ruthless. Normally I'm quite sentimental when sorting out things and end up keeping all sorts of odds and ends because they either bring back a memory or I think that I may end up using it again someday. Today though, if I didn't need it or love it then out it went. Under our bed was a nightmare but now I am happy to say that it's empty apart from one suitcase.

Oh and I think I may also be beginning to see the bottom of my laundry pile :) I've done 4 loads today, got it wash, dried, ironed and put away..

A clean home makes me happy..

Yep.. I think the nesting may have already begun..

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  1. Hehe! I was up until 11 last night doing the exact-same-thing! Our bedroom and closet were outrageous. I just filled 2 bins though. Off to Goodwill they go today ;)


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