Fab Friday.

I cannot stop smiling. What was a pretty normal week took such a turn yesterday
that I think I am still in shock. It's happy shock.. 
So what's been fab this week?

1 - Obviously the biggest thing this week is finding out yesterday that 
baby number two is on the way! 

2 - Spending time day dreaming about what life with two children
is going to be like! 

3 - James' nativity play at Nursery is today.
I cannot wait. He is a 'star' 
In his words
"I am the star of Bethlehem. I light the way for Mary & Joseph" 

4 - Hearing that The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are having a baby!
It has definitely been a crazy two years for the Royal Family! 

Here she is leaving hospital yesterday. 
How well does she look! 

5 - Having nothing planned for the weekend. 
 I plan to clean, knit and spend some time with my boys :)

Whats been fab in your week? Go here and link up with Laura!

Have a great weekend! 


  1. I'm excited for the Duchess, you know that baby is going to be followed like a hawk.

  2. I'm visiting from Between the Lines for Fab Friday. :)
    Congrats on your awesome news!

  3. Ahhhh BABY NUMBER TWO is on the way? Congratulations! I'm so off to read yesterday's post. I am so behind on everyone's blogs/lives... I need to try to NOT fall off the blog planet again.


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