Deck The Halls.

I haven't blogged for two days and already I started to miss it. Tuesday was a bloggers day of silence as a mark of respect for the victims of Newtown and yesterday my morning sickness stepped up a gear so blogging wasn't as high on my list of priorities as lying on the sofa watching Christmas movies was. I thought about posting a Wordless Wednesday but then I realised that I would just be posting for the sake of it. So I left the laptop alone. Today though my brain is a mess of jumbled thoughts and when it feels like that the best thing I can do it write.

James finished Nursery yesterday and I cannot tell you how nice it was to wake up this morning and not have to spend the first hour of my day rushing around trying to get out the door by 8am. It was raining and snuggling in bed for an extra twenty minutes felt good. I am looking forward to battening down the hatches for the festive period.

{James' new Spiderman Onesie - Adorable}

We woke up quietly and I lingered over my morning cup of tea for over an hour a half before I even attempted to get dressed. All the while James sat with my notebook and pen. 

{ His very first drawing of a person :) }

On Tuesday at Nursery, Santa came to visit the kids. James told me all about how Santa rode his sleigh, parked it on the school roof and then slid down the chimney. He was very impressed with his present. A paint-your-own money box. It provided him with about twenty minutes entertainment. 

Over the past week this little one has been asking a lot of questions about dying. He lost a friend of his very suddenly last week and in all honesty I didn't know that he knew what death meant. Turns out he does. We've had lots of tears and cuddles whilst I try to answer his questions but keep his innocence in tack.

Parenting is a hard road with lots of twists and turns. I hope everyday that I am doing a good enough job.

The presents are wrapped. The food is in the cupboards. The kids are out of school and I plan to spend the next few days cleaning and organising my house ready for next week.

It's Christmas!


  1. Love the spiderman outfit....too freakin cute!!

    1. Isn't it! I wish they done one in my size lol.. Then again, that might be a bit creepy :)

      Merry Christmas! x


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