Baby #2 - Week 4

When I was pregnant with James I was over at Live Journal and I didn't have constant access to the internet so I didn't do weekly updates. I'm sad about that now but I am going to change that this time! I'm looking forward to doing weekly updates and being able to record all the changes :)

Today is - Deccember 8, 2012

How far along - 4 weeks exactly.

Total weight gain - I weighed myself last week, before I knew I was pregnant and I was 103 pounds. This morning I weighed myself and I am 108.4.. How that happened in a week is beyond me.

Baby is the size of - A seed :)

Whats going on with babyYour microscopic embryo is already hard at work this week creating the placenta, umbilical cord and the basics of his or her body.

The embryo is now made of three layers that will transform into the different parts of your baby's body. The endoderm, or inner layer, will become your baby's intestines, liver and lungs. The middle layer, or mesoderm, will become your baby's heart, sex organs, muscles, bones, and kidneys, and the ectoderm, or outermost layer, will develop into your baby's hair, skin, eyes, and nervous system. Believe it or not, your baby is already starting to look like a tiny little being (not necessarily a human being) complete with a head, a mouth opening and a primitive brain and heart.

What going on with Mummy - Yesterday I booked my first midwife appointment for when I'm 8 weeks.. Next week I have to phone the doctors to get referred for an early scan which was also hopefully take place when I'm 8 weeks. Normally in England you don't get a scan until you are 12 weeks but because I've had so many miscarriages I am hoping that they will let me have an early one.

Maternity clothing - None yet although last night I had to change my jeans for some sweats because they were too tight.

Sleep - I am so tired! ALL. THE. TIME.

Movement - Too soon.

Food Cravings/Aversions - Nothing yet although I am more hungry that normal.

Symptoms - Heartburn on and off throughout the day. Tiredness normally by mid afternoon. Increased urination. Belly bloating by the end of the day.

How is this pregnancy different from the first - The bloating I don't remember this early with James or the heartburn.

Best moments this week - Finding out baby was on it's way!

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