December 2012 | Rosy Cheeks & Muddy Feet


I had planned to do my review of 2012 today. I started it this morning and truthfully it's only half finished. Morning sickness has been kicking my butt today.. So I guess I will finish it tomorrow..

I'm currently trying Sea Bands to see if they help.. So far, not so much :(

Until then.. Have a great evening!


Peanut - Week 7

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Today is - December 29, 2012

How far along - Based on my LMP I'm 7 weeks today although at my ultrasound the other day they said that it looked like I was a few days behind but they didn't date it so until they do I'm going off my LMP. 

Total weight gain - still at 5lbs  

Baby is the size of - A blueberry. 

Whats going on with baby - Peanut is growing at an astonishing rate! The brain cells are multiplying by the second and the hands and feet are beginning to develop although they look more like paddles at the moment. 

What going on with Mummy - Extreme nausea... 

Maternity clothing - Nope. 

Sleep - I'm sleeping like a log. A couple of times this week I've had an afternoon nap which helps a lot. 

Movement - Too soon.

Food Cravings/Aversions - The thought of food still disgusts me. At the moment the only things I seem to be able to eat are sausage rolls and hula hoops. 

Symptoms - The nausea has been relentless this week. It starts about 30 minutes after I wake up and doesn't go away until I go to sleep. My bloating hasn't been half as bad this week. The heartburn has been a lot better although it was very bad at 3am this morning! 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - The nausea is worse this time around by 100 times. 

Best moments this week - Christmas and spending time with family! Getting to see Peanuts heart beating on the ultrasound. 


Fab Friday & A Beautiful Beating Heart.


My blogging break over Christmas felt good. Although I wanted to post photos and write about the day on Tuesday, I'm glad that I left the computer alone. It felt good to focus on family and the special moments that this holiday brought. Now though, I'm ready to jump back in with both feet, starting with Laura's Fab Friday!

I think it would be pretty hard to not be able to find any Fab moments from this week. A week that is all about celebrating, families, and togetherness.

Although James had a bad cold which reared it's ugly head on Christmas Eve and I was suffering from morning sickness, whilst also in the back of my head I kept thinking about my ultrasound that was happening today, we managed to forget all of that and have a fabulous Christmas.

We had guests which arrived on Christmas Eve. All the kids, including James, wanted to sleep on the Living room floor. It was fine until I had to try and put all the presents under the tree without waking 4 children that were about 2 feet from me.. I was then up until 3.30am cooking.. I do not advise that for pregnant ladies, especially those in the first trimester but it was worth it when James woke up, looked at the tree, then looked at me and said "Mummy! Santa came!"

The whole day was basically filled with presents, trying to locate batteries, finding enough space in the rubbish for what seemed like a million cardboard boxes and meters upon meters of wrapping paper. Kids smiling, smells from the kitchen, laughter, jokes, noise, guests, food, and a million memories.

And then today. It had been in the back of my head since I was at the hospital on Sunday with stomach cramps. How was Peanut doing? I tried to not let it ruin my Christmas but with my previous history it's not something I can take for granted.

We left early this morning, partly because we wanted to make sure we didn't hit any traffic but also because I was so nervous that sitting around the house was making me worse..

I got called in for my scan on time.. By this point my nerves were about to get the better of me. I laid on the bed and about 5 seconds later, there on the screen was a beautiful heart beating away! (and located in the correct place! Yay no eptopic pregnancy!)

I couldn't stop smiling. The relief I felt was indescribable.

James still has his cold. I am still suffering from morning sickness, my house looks like Christmas exploded in it and I'm sure not I'll ever be able to get it clean again but this has been one FAB week!


It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas!

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Merry Christmas Eve! 

I'm going to take a break for a few days from blogging, whilst I focus on my family, the holiday and Peanut. 

I'll be back on December 27th! 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, spent with family & friends, with good food and lots of cheer! 

It's Christmas!!!!!!!




I have just spent the past five hours sat in Accident & Emergency at the hospital. Apparently I do not have easy pregnancies.

Last night I had a slight lower backache but just figured it was normal pregnancy stuff and didn't think too much off it.

Fast forward to today and I was once again doubled over with the most horrendous stomach cramps. It felt like the worst period pains I have ever encountered times by ten. I laid down but they didn't go away so our friend took me to hospital.

Luckily there is no infection or blood in my urine which is a good sign. They are worried that the pregnancy may be eptopic though so I am going back on Thursday morning to have a scan. The pain is getting better now. It is still there but nowhere near as bad as it was so that is another thing in my favor.

I am under strict instructions to rest and not to lift anything heavy. I am just crossing my fingers and praying that on Thursday everything is okay and we see a beautiful little heart beat and that Peanut is in the right place..

Please keep your fingers crossed for me and my little family..


Peanut - Week 6


Today is - Deccember 22, 2012

How far along - 6 weeks. 

Total weight gain - 5lbs  

Baby is the size of - A pee

Whats going on with baby - The heart is beating away. Peanut has almost doubled in size this week and buds have appeared where the arms and legs will begin to now grow. 

What going on with Mummy - More of the same as last week! Nausea, tiredness, heartburn, bloating & hormones! 

Maternity clothing - Nope although by the end of the day my jeans are too tight thanks 
to bloating. 

Sleep - I'm sleeping like a log. A couple of times this week I've had an afternoon nap which helps a lot. 

Movement - Too soon.

Food Cravings/Aversions - Last week I couldn't stop eating but this week the thought of food just makes me want to gag. Nothing seems appetizing. 

Symptoms - My nausea has kicked up a notch this week. I feel nauseous 24/7. My heartburn is still on and off but seems to be worse in the afternoon. I can cope with all the symptoms so far but the nausea is a killer. 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - It was during this week that I found out I was pregnant with James. I don't remember having that many symptoms to begin with.. My morning sickness started at 6 weeks and three days with James. 

Best moments this week - Getting through another week! James finishing nursery for Christmas. Finally finishing my Christmas shopping. 


Fab Friday.

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Normally I write this first thing in the morning but today has been manically busy so this is the first chance I've had to sit down! 
So what's fab in my world?
It's the December 21st and we're all still here! 
I guess it's not the end of the world after all! 

My morning sickness over the past week has been horrible. 
I feel nauseous 24/7 and although that's not great, with my history morning sickness to me is a great sign :)

Finding food in restaurants that James can eat with his Gluten allergy is hard. 
Pizza Hut have started doing a Gluten Free pizza. 
We ordered it for the first time tonight.. It was a hit and the fact that James could join in was FAB! 

The fact that I didn't have to cook tonight is also FAB..

Christmas is just 3 days away!! Exciting! 

And of course I am ecstatic over the fact that I am another week pregnant! 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

Deck The Halls.


I haven't blogged for two days and already I started to miss it. Tuesday was a bloggers day of silence as a mark of respect for the victims of Newtown and yesterday my morning sickness stepped up a gear so blogging wasn't as high on my list of priorities as lying on the sofa watching Christmas movies was. I thought about posting a Wordless Wednesday but then I realised that I would just be posting for the sake of it. So I left the laptop alone. Today though my brain is a mess of jumbled thoughts and when it feels like that the best thing I can do it write.

James finished Nursery yesterday and I cannot tell you how nice it was to wake up this morning and not have to spend the first hour of my day rushing around trying to get out the door by 8am. It was raining and snuggling in bed for an extra twenty minutes felt good. I am looking forward to battening down the hatches for the festive period.

{James' new Spiderman Onesie - Adorable}

We woke up quietly and I lingered over my morning cup of tea for over an hour a half before I even attempted to get dressed. All the while James sat with my notebook and pen. 

{ His very first drawing of a person :) }

On Tuesday at Nursery, Santa came to visit the kids. James told me all about how Santa rode his sleigh, parked it on the school roof and then slid down the chimney. He was very impressed with his present. A paint-your-own money box. It provided him with about twenty minutes entertainment. 

Over the past week this little one has been asking a lot of questions about dying. He lost a friend of his very suddenly last week and in all honesty I didn't know that he knew what death meant. Turns out he does. We've had lots of tears and cuddles whilst I try to answer his questions but keep his innocence in tack.

Parenting is a hard road with lots of twists and turns. I hope everyday that I am doing a good enough job.

The presents are wrapped. The food is in the cupboards. The kids are out of school and I plan to spend the next few days cleaning and organising my house ready for next week.

It's Christmas!


Miscellany Monday

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miscellany monday at lowercase letters 

1) I've spent all weekend trying to get my mind around Friday's tragedy in Connecticut. The news has been filled with the names and faces of the victims, so much so that I've had to stop watching. It breaks my heart just thinking about all the victims and their families. That was the second thing to happen in the week that made me stop and think about how lucky we are and that we should appreciate every moment in life.

Tomorrow is a Blogger day of silence to remember the victims and I will be taking part. 

2) James has been testing my patients today. I don't know if he's just tired or ready for the Christmas break but he has spent more time in Time Out today than he has in the past month put together.

3) This time tomorrow it will be Christmas Eve.. I'm so excited. I have a big family Christmas planned. I've purchased all the food and am raring to go.

4) Life is pretty quiet right now which I am grateful for but it means that I don't have a lot to blog about! Unless you want to hear about all of my new pregnancy symptoms!


Peanut - Week 5.

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This week has flown by, which makes me happy happy happy. 

Today is - Deccember 15, 2012

How far along - 5 weeks exactly.

Total weight gain - At my dietitians appointment on Wednesday I was 112 lbs.  

Baby is the size of - An orange seed :)

Whats going on with baby - The heart begins to beat this week! The babies brain and spinal cord are also under construction!

What going on with Mummy - It still seems so surreal that I am pregnant. Finding out so early is both good and bad. Good because it means I got to start taking my medication early and can be monitored. Bad though because I have so much longer to wait till 12 weeks! A few times this week I've had "Wow, I'm pregnant!" moments. 

Maternity clothing - Nope although by the end of the day my jeans are too tight thanks 
to bloating. 

Sleep - I'm still getting tired quite easily. Yesterday afternoon I had a 30 minute power nap :)

Movement - Too soon.

Food Cravings/Aversions - I have done nothing but eat this week.. I finish a meal and start planning the next one. No aversions yet though. 

Symptoms - I'm still getting heart burn on and off throughout the day and also on off nausea which has been worse yesterday and today. I'm getting a lot of bloating too but I am eating like a horse so that probably explains that. 

How is this pregnancy different from the first - Bloating and heartburn are earlier this time and also I don't remember being this tired last time. 

Best moments this week - Getting through another week! Anthony letting me spend a few days resting because of my stomach cramps and kidney infection. Oh and the other night James was lying on the sofa with me rubbing my belly.. That was sweet. 


Fab Friday

I'm back for one of my favorite link up's of the week! 
Who doesn't like talking about all the Fab stuff in their life :)
Next week James has just three days at Nursery 
then he is off for Christmas! 

We're are in the middle of a cold spell

Yes,cold weather makes me happy. 
Although at 8am this morning whilst I was walking James to nursery,
I wouldn't have been so eager to say that! 

I am so thankful for de-caff tea bags at the moment. 
I could not live without my tea but the less caffeine for Peanut the better. 

I know, I have my tea super weak :)

I found this on Pinterest yesterday and I love it.. 

And off course... I am another week into my pregnancy! Every week is such as blessing! 

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great weekend!



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Is it possible to start nesting this early in pregnancy? :)

I've had more energy today than I've had in forever so after dropping James off at Nursery I came home, thawed out {it was -5 degrees} ate breakfast and then set to work. I completely gutted our bedroom. Since we moved into this house our room has been the basic dumping ground for anything that didn't have a home or we didn't know what to do with. The past few weeks it's really been annoying me so I figured why not just stop moaning about it and actually do something about it instead.

I got 8 bin bags of rubbish.. 8! I was ruthless. Normally I'm quite sentimental when sorting out things and end up keeping all sorts of odds and ends because they either bring back a memory or I think that I may end up using it again someday. Today though, if I didn't need it or love it then out it went. Under our bed was a nightmare but now I am happy to say that it's empty apart from one suitcase.

Oh and I think I may also be beginning to see the bottom of my laundry pile :) I've done 4 loads today, got it wash, dried, ironed and put away..

A clean home makes me happy..

Yep.. I think the nesting may have already begun..




Since last Thursday it feels like my brain has turned to mush. It constantly feels like my head is in the clouds surrounded by fog. I am so happy and excited but given my history with pregnancies I am nervous and scared. I am refusing to give those scary thoughts room in my brain though. I am going to think positive and know that this is going to all be perfect.

Given the brain fog though, today I bring you what I'm loving right about life right now.

I saw my Dietitian this morning and I've gained 5lb since my previous appointment. I am now 110 lbs which makes me so happy. I haven't weighed that for years. She was also very happy with my food diary. I always leave my appointments with her motivated to try even better for next time.

Being stuck in the house at the moment with this Kidney Infection and orders from the hospital to rest.. I spend a lot of time looking at this view..

Or this view...

I love that at the moment I have more time to spend knitting. Peanuts blanket is coming along.

I love that this is the first thing that I am making for him or her. In just 8 months time this will be wrapped around my baby. 

James was laying with me last night and he started rubbing my belly.. 

James - Mummy do you have a baby in your belly?
Me - Yes. 
James - What's his name?
Me - We need to find out of the baby is a boy or a girl first. 
James - I want to call him Ruby..

Ok then.. :)


Trip To The Hospital.

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Today did not go as expected.

I was walking to pick James up from Nursery at lunch time. One minute I'm fine. The next I am doubled over with stomach cramps. I managed to get James and then knowing that I would never make it all the way home I went to our friends house, by this point the pain was coming and going in waves, but it seemed to be a little better once I was sat down.

I originally had a doctors appointment booked for late this afternoon to get referred for an early scan but when this pain came I called the surgery and asked to be seen earlier. Morning clinic had finished but they said to come on down and someone would see me.

Ten minutes later I am sat with a doctor who is clearly pee'd off because I'd interrupted his lunch. He made it obvious he thought I was over reacting and that I shouldn't be bothering him. I explained that I'd had five previous miscarriages and still he didn't get it.

I pretty much left nearly in tears, came home and decided that I would just go to Accident & Emergency at the hospital. They were brilliant there. I had to wait for ages to be seen but they took me seriously. They asked questions, they done tests.

They believe that the pain is related to two things. My kidney infection that I had a couple of weeks ago hasn't completely gone so I have been prescribed more antibiotics. The doctor also said that because of my previous history with miscarriages and the fact that I have this pain that I should take it easy for a bit. Anthony has decided that I am to lie on the sofa and not move. If I even try to get up for anything other than to use the bathroom he gets mad and makes me sit down.. It's sweet really but I hate not being able to do anything.. I don't want to risk our precious little baby though so if I have to sit here for the next 8 months then that's what I'll do..

Please keep your fingers crossed for my little peanut..


Miscellany Monday.

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miscellany monday at lowercase letters 

This afternoon I received some news that reminded me how short life is. How we should be grateful for everyday, every moment that we have. We should cherish the days that we get with our loved ones. We should embrace the messy houses and sticky finger prints that come with having young children. 
Sometimes I forget this but today I got the biggest reminder. It has made me want to run up to every parent and beg them to hold their children closer tonight, spend an extra few minutes tucking them into bed and tell them an extra few times that they love them. 


I've started knitting Peanuts very first blanket. 

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will agree to let me have an early scan at 8 weeks. I need peace of mind.


Last night, two tired, pregnant ladies snuggled under a quilt and nursed heartburn by watching Elf & Instagramming photos.. 

I think this film should be prescribed for every pregnancy aliment :)


This upcoming week is quite busy but next week James only has three days at Nursery and then he finishes for Christmas break. I am looking forward to slowing down and enjoying some time at home with my family. I am nowhere near ready for the big day but I am anxious for it to arrive. I want to start the New Year! 

Happy Monday! 

A Letter To My Baby.

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To my sweet little baby,

I have only known about you for four days now but already you have turned my world upside down and my brain to mush. I am constantly thinking about you. Dreaming about what you look like. Imagining what it will be like to hold you. No matter what I am doing, you are in my head.

Nine months ago we decided to start trying for you. After it took so long to have your big brother we had no idea how long it would take this time around. For eight long months I have waited to see those two lines on a pregnancy test and on Thursday when I finally saw them I thought my heart would burst. You are so loved already.

Your big brother cannot wait to meet you. He keeps asking for a baby brother but at the end of the day as long as you are healthy we don't mind whether you are a boy or a girl. We already have your name picked out and I cannot wait to find out which one we are going to need.

You have already made subtle changes to my body. I don't think I have ever been this tired in my whole life and the afternoon nausea isn't the best thing in the world but for you I'll take it. I just want you to grow big and strong. August seems like such a long time away but I know that it will be here before I know it and I'll be holding you in my arms.

Lots of Love
Mummy xxx


Baby #2 - Week 4

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When I was pregnant with James I was over at Live Journal and I didn't have constant access to the internet so I didn't do weekly updates. I'm sad about that now but I am going to change that this time! I'm looking forward to doing weekly updates and being able to record all the changes :)

Today is - Deccember 8, 2012

How far along - 4 weeks exactly.

Total weight gain - I weighed myself last week, before I knew I was pregnant and I was 103 pounds. This morning I weighed myself and I am 108.4.. How that happened in a week is beyond me.

Baby is the size of - A seed :)

Whats going on with babyYour microscopic embryo is already hard at work this week creating the placenta, umbilical cord and the basics of his or her body.

The embryo is now made of three layers that will transform into the different parts of your baby's body. The endoderm, or inner layer, will become your baby's intestines, liver and lungs. The middle layer, or mesoderm, will become your baby's heart, sex organs, muscles, bones, and kidneys, and the ectoderm, or outermost layer, will develop into your baby's hair, skin, eyes, and nervous system. Believe it or not, your baby is already starting to look like a tiny little being (not necessarily a human being) complete with a head, a mouth opening and a primitive brain and heart.

What going on with Mummy - Yesterday I booked my first midwife appointment for when I'm 8 weeks.. Next week I have to phone the doctors to get referred for an early scan which was also hopefully take place when I'm 8 weeks. Normally in England you don't get a scan until you are 12 weeks but because I've had so many miscarriages I am hoping that they will let me have an early one.

Maternity clothing - None yet although last night I had to change my jeans for some sweats because they were too tight.

Sleep - I am so tired! ALL. THE. TIME.

Movement - Too soon.

Food Cravings/Aversions - Nothing yet although I am more hungry that normal.

Symptoms - Heartburn on and off throughout the day. Tiredness normally by mid afternoon. Increased urination. Belly bloating by the end of the day.

How is this pregnancy different from the first - The bloating I don't remember this early with James or the heartburn.

Best moments this week - Finding out baby was on it's way!


Fab Friday.

I cannot stop smiling. What was a pretty normal week took such a turn yesterday
that I think I am still in shock. It's happy shock.. 
So what's been fab this week?

1 - Obviously the biggest thing this week is finding out yesterday that 
baby number two is on the way! 

2 - Spending time day dreaming about what life with two children
is going to be like! 

3 - James' nativity play at Nursery is today.
I cannot wait. He is a 'star' 
In his words
"I am the star of Bethlehem. I light the way for Mary & Joseph" 

4 - Hearing that The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge are having a baby!
It has definitely been a crazy two years for the Royal Family! 

Here she is leaving hospital yesterday. 
How well does she look! 

5 - Having nothing planned for the weekend. 
 I plan to clean, knit and spend some time with my boys :)

Whats been fab in your week? Go here and link up with Laura!

Have a great weekend! 

Baby B.


Now I've calmed down a bit since my earlier rushed photo!

After eight months of trying, today on a whim, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I think I screamed and laughed at the same time. I phoned my sister (who is 28 weeks pregnant!) then I phoned my Mum whilst I waited for Anthony to get home from collecting James from nursery.

I am excited. I am happy. I am shocked. I am scared. I am hopeful.

Based on my last monthly period my due date is August 17th which makes me laugh. I was due on August 17th as was my younger sister. My birthday is August 16th as is our wedding anniversary. So I guess I could be spending my birthday either in labor or heavily pregnant!

I cannot stop smiling!

And baby makes 4!

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More detailed post coming once I've stopped shaking!


Miscellany Monday


miscellany monday at lowercase letters 

Anthony has taken James to Nursery this morning so I have a free morning. Well, I say a free morning but I have a tonne of laundry to finish and a whole house that desperately needs cleaning. Right now though I am watching a Christmas movie and trying to find my motivation.


I've mentioned here a few times that a couple of months ago I found my cousin on Facebook that no one has seen for 34 years. So far she has met, her Dad (my uncle) my Mum, Me and our Nan. Yesterday the whole family came together and she met everyone else, including her half brother and sister! It must have been so overwhelming for her but it was a brilliant day. 

For the first time ever we had all the Grandchildren and the one Great Grandchild in the same room. This photo I will savor forever.



My sister was there with her husband. I looked at her in shock when I first saw her! It has been a couple of weeks since we've seen each other and her belly has really popped in that time. She is so happy and I know that they are going to make brilliant parents.


My other sister brought her new puppy. 

She is so ugly that she is cute! The puppy, not my sister :)


James refused to wear his coat outside in the garden. Instead he wanted to wear my cardigan.. So I froze whilst he ran around looking like this.. 

It was a great day and being with my whole family really got me into the festive spirit.


Scotland and some of England has snow this morning. We have cold, frost & rain which I'm not a fan off.. Snow on the other hand, is my favorite. Hopefully it will head our way soon. 

If you want to link up then head over to Carissa's Blog! 

Have a good week! 

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