My brain hasn't functioned properly for the past few days so it will be interesting to see if I can put a coherent post together.. On second thoughts, lets just do this bullet style.

  • Medical! - I think at the ripe old age of 27 my body is falling apart. In the past 5 days I have had Cystitis, a kidney infection and severe heartburn that had been curled up on the sofa crying. I've finished a course of antibiotics, which haven't worked so I am going back to the doctors this afternoon. 

  • James has been off nursery for the past two days unwell. He seems a lot better today so hopefully he'll be going back tomorrow. I'm still not sure what was wrong with him. A rash on Friday and then a temperature, chills, grumpiness.. Kids are germ factories, I mean adorable. 

  • I am hoping that today I will finish my Christmas shopping. Present wise anyway. I still need to get all the food bits but that will be done about a week before the big day. This is the most un-organised for Christmas that I have ever been. 

  • I need to motivate myself but it's hard with feeling so unwell all the time. My house barely passes for tidy, my hair looks like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards.. twice.. I have so many unfinished projects lying about.. I will motivate myself. I will motivate myself. I will motivate myself.. 

  • I am in love with the new Olly Murrs song.. 

  • I wish I could sit down all day with a duvet & chocolate and just watch Christmas Movies.. But alas, that would not help in my quest for motivation...

I hope your week is off to a fantastic start! 

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