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Pinterest & Christmas.


Pinterest is a very dangerous place for me. I love it. I could sit there all day looking at the different sections, dreaming and pinning then before I know it I've lost a whole day staring at a computer screen. That's why I try not to go on it a lot, I see everyone's perfect crafts, brilliant recipes, their quirky presents and ideal outfits and I feel inadequate. I end up feeling like I don't measure up to the perfect wife and Mum. Silly I know!  At this time of year though I cannot help myself we are very quickly approaching my favorite time of year.. Christmas! Which means that me & Pinterest become best friends again.

Last night I logged on and found myself in Christmas heaven. I've already pinned several ideas for the upcoming season.

This year I am determined to get the perfect photo of my Christmas Tree.
Every year I try and every year it gets slightly better but 
this year I will nail it :)

There are so many cute gift ideas but these two James is going to make 
for his Nanny & Aunties. 

I'm going to print this out, frame it, hang it and voila.. 
A Christmas decoration :)

Another thing I will be printing out.. 

Peanut Butter cookies with only 4 ingredients.. Yes please! 

I cannot wait to get started on some of these ideas. Who am I kidding, I cannot wait to get started on all of them!
What are you looking forward to over the holidays?

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  1. Hi there. New follower from Fab Fridays. I LOVE those gift ideas! I might have to make those M&M gifts for the people at church! I love Christmas and I need to start myself a Christmas board on Pinterest!

  2. Thanks! They're cute aren't they! There's so many gift ideas of Pinterest I could post about them all day! Thanks for following :) x

  3. I plan on doing a couple of those myself....especially trying to get the perfect Christmas tree shot and using Christmas music as decor! :)


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