So yesterday was the end of the 31 day challenge in October.. I ended up skipping yesterdays post because I was unwell. I still am actually and as I write this I am tucked up in bed, watching Netflix on my phone. Yesterday was a testing day for me in regards to my Emetophobia and my anxiety. Not only was I unwell but our friend stayed over with his son and at 2.30am this morning poor Harry got really sick. Now normally I would have ran out of the house screaming and refused to come back in until everything had been disinfected but not only did I not freak out, I didn't have one single anxiety attack. It might not sound like much but for me this is massive :)


I cannot believe that we are in November already. This time next month I will be putting our Christmas Tree up! I love this time of year. The weather, the smells, the colours, the family time, All of it adds up to make me happy happy happy! 

To celebrate my love for this time of the year, here are some of the things I cannot wait for..

Happy November! 

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