If We Could Sit Down Over Coffee..

If we could sit down over coffee..

Firstly I'd apologise for not being able to meet in over a month. Life has been crazy busy and in all honesty it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. That's good though because it means that I don't have time to sit and worry about things.

I'd tell you that today the first two Christmas decorations came out of hiding..

Normally Anthony is adamant that the tree cannot go up until the 1st of December but today he told me that I can put it up anytime from now. I think I'm going to do it tomorrow night with James. I have to admit though that it's not nearly as much fun doing it early when I have permission!

Today I brought James' bauble. Every year I buy him a new one and then when he is older and has his own house with his own tree he will get them all. He will have one for every year and hopefully he will appreciate the memories :)

Next I would tell you that Doggy photos make me happy...

I would then tell you about a conversation that happened about twenty minutes ago between Anthony and James..

James - Daddy, Santa has a sleigh.. 
Daddy - That's right.. What makes the sleigh fly? An engine?
James - No Dad, engines are for airplanes.. It's Santa's cows that make it fly.. 

Love him! 

This afternoon Anthony & James planned a toy play house that they want to build. James drew the plans up :)

It's fun watching them together. They are so alike that it's freaky. 

I would finish by telling you that when you're bored and all else fails.. A self portrait is the only way to go...

Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow! I hope you all have a wonderful day full of good food, family, friends, love and thankfulness! 


  1. So excited to get my Christmas stuff out too :)

    1. I put my tree up today! All my friends & family think I'm crazy but I don't think it's too early! x


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