Firstly I want to say thank you. I am overwhelmed at the response to my Fertility Post from yesterdays Women Connect '12. There are so many women struggling with this very issue and sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone, although it may feel like it. The journey we went on to have James isn't one I really talk about a lot but if it helps people and brings them a little bit of hope and faith then I am willing to shout it from the rooftops. Hearing other peoples' stories has helped me also. Now we are venturing down this path again, I am hearing about how other ladies have faith and hope that everything will work out and that is such an inspiration to me. I know that I need to learn to be patient, that in the grand scheme of things, eight months of trying for a baby isn't a long time but I have the memory of a five year struggle with lots of losses and heartache in the back of my mind so being inspired by other women yesterday really helped me. For that I am grateful.


James and I are still unwell. I went back to the doctors yesterday and now have another course of antibiotics to take. I have no idea why I get so many kidney infections. I must get at least two a year, if not more. Fingers crossed that this round of medication works!

This morning as I was lying on the sofa {where Anthony has ordered me to stay} James climbed up and tucked himself in with me claiming that he wanted "Mummy Snuggles".. I guess there is a bright side to being unwell :)

I'm still not too sure what is wrong with James but I am leaning towards a viral infection. He has a runny nose but no other signs of a cold and also diarrhea. For a kid that eats me out of house and home his appetite is pretty much non existent at the moment. His temperature is back down but I phoned the Nursery this morning and told them that it was unlikely he would be back this week. Looks like it's PJ days and blankets on the sofa for this week.. At least the weather warrants it.


Whilst James was lying with me this morning.. We had the following conversation. It's moments like these that I cherish.. 

James - "Mummy, you look pretty"
Me - "Thank you but Mummy isn't very well and I look a hot mess" 
Cue James crying.. 
Me - "Why are you crying?"
James - "Because you said you look a mess. 
You look very very very pretty because it's I love you day.."

Melt my heart!  


This morning our TV broke. I have no idea why or how but now when you switch it on, it flicks between a red, blue and green screen.. Now normally I would be moaning about how I am going to have to miss the new episode of Guiliana & Bill tonight. Instead though I am going to take it as a sign. The free time that I will now have with no TV means that I can concentrate on my writing, I can read, I can knit, I can play with James, I can bake.. The possibilities are endless..... If only I wasn't stuck on the sofa...

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