Family Dinner!

My side of the family isn't really that big, but trying to get us all together at the same time is a massive undertaking and only seems to happen at weddings and funerals.. Considering that most of us live in the same town it really shouldn't be that hard.

So I sent a few texts out yesterday informing everyone that I was hosting a dinner this coming Sunday. My youngest sister cannot come because she is moving the day before and one of my Mum's brothers can't come because his family has prior commitments but everyone else rsvp'd a big yes :)

Off course, the first thing that everyone asked was.. "How are we all going to fit in your house?"

I do have a teeny tiny house, but like said to my Mum yesterday evening. I don't care if we are all squished in around the table. We never all get together and if no one else is going to do it then I am!

I'm excited. It will be the first time hosting all of my family at the same time so I hope that my cooking is up to standards! I'm going to do a traditional Sunday Roast..


Roast Chicken
Roast Potatoes
Mashed Swede
Home made Yorkshire Puddings (Gluten Free) 

So, this week will be filled with planning, shopping & cleaning. As if my days were not full enough! Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound!

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